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India: Heineken’s United Breweries Limited launches Queenfisher beer in India
Brewery news

Heineken’s United Breweries Limited (UBL) has launched a new beer in India, named Queenfisher, via its Kingfisher brand, The Drinks Business reported on March 14.

The new lager, which is being positioned as “a celebration of sisterhood amidst International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, uses the slogan “Queen of Good Times” and will be priced at INR80 per 500ml can.

A marketing campaign created by Heineken’s UBL arm will support the launch of Queenfisher beer to offer “a fresh perspective on the iconic calendar, now reimagined as the galendar” which “captures real-life stories of women”.

The ‘galender’ features photographs taken by Avani Rai and includes a QR code on each page which, upon scanning, shows “the unique moments of sisterhood…as captured in films by the director Kopal Naithani”.

According to a statement released by the company: ”Queenfisher beer is an all-women initiative right from formulating the limited-edition Queenfisher can to it being brewed by women brewers”.

The packaging of Queenfisher “embodies inclusivity, featuring silhouettes of diverse women against a vibrant purple backdrop, with the iconic bird uplifted and crowned in homage to the queens celebrated through this campaign”.

Speaking about the brand variant, a spokesperson for the beer giant additionally stated: “Rooted in the ethos of Kingfisher, Queenfisher provides a safe space for meaningful and honest conversations, recognising that women often face harsher judgments in society.”

UBL CMO Vikram Bahl said: “Queenfisher is our way of celebrating inclusivity and the unstoppable force of female friendship. We pop our cans, not just to celebrate women, but to honour the secret superpowers they wield in their everyday connections. Here’s to the queens among us, who sparkle brighter when they shine together.”

Queenfisher beer will be available at leading outlets across Goa and will be added to the portfolio of Kingfisher and become available “across other cities in the coming months”.

15 March, 2024
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