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Malt Market Prices
11-Apr-2014 French barley prices - nominal prices. 11/04/2014 PM
09-Apr-2014 Canada Barley Supply and Disposition as of March, 2014 PM
19-Mar-2014 US Barley Supply and Distribution (March 2014) PM
26-Feb-2014 World Barley Production by Country (February 2014) PM
29-Jan-2014 World Barley Imports, Production, Consumption, and Stocks by Region (January 2014) PM
08-Jan-2014 EU-28 Barley Crop 2012 - 2013 PM
09-Dec-2013 Canada Barley Supply and Disposition as of November, 2013 PM
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Malt Statistics
26-Mar-2014 EU Malt Exports (March 2014) PM
12-Mar-2014 Russia Malt Production 2010 - November 2013 PM
18-Feb-2014 EU Malt Exports (February 2014) PM
21-Jan-2014 EU Malt Exports (January 2014) PM
03-Jan-2014 Latin America Malt Imports & Exports PM
17-Dec-2013 EU Non-Roasted Malt Exports by Destination (December 2013) PM
02-Dec-2013 EU Malt Exports (December 2013) PM

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Malt prices evolution

Theoretical Malt Prices
Produced from Barley Crop 2013, deliverde FOB Antwerp, Bulk
Malt from 2RS Barley Average EUR/TON 376.66 Constant 0.00%  Graph-Icon
Malt from 6RW Barley, Average EUR/TON 160.00 Down -1.23%  Graph-Icon

* Rise/fall compared to the previous publication
(25 July, 2014)
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Malt News
07-Jun-2024 Brazil: Brazils largest malting plant inaugurated in Parana PM
02-Jun-2024 Ireland: Planning permission granted to expand Boortmalts malting plant in Athy PM
28-May-2024 World: Malteries Soufflet announce new CEO
24-May-2024 Mexico: Malt imports up 7.6% between 2022 and 2023 PM
22-May-2024 Brazil: Latin America's largest malt house ramps up production PM
11-May-2024 Ukraine: Malteries Soufflets Ukraine malting business enjoys increased net profit in 2023 PM
30-Apr-2024 UK: Crisp Malt submits plans for new malting plant in Scotland PM
24-Apr-2024 Ireland: Boortmalt seek planning permission to expand malting plant in Athy PM
23-Mar-2024 World: Malt utilization rate forecast to increase to 90.3% by 2028 PM
18-Mar-2024 The Netherlands: Holland Malt inaugurates world's first emission-free malthouse in Eemshaven PM

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Malt prices evolution
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