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There is nothing in the world like the first taste of beer.
John Steinbeck

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Barley and Malt Prices

Barley Prices
Crop 2020, FOB Creil, basis July 2020
2RS Planet EUR/TON 216.00 Down -0.46%  Graph-Icon
6RW Etincel EUR/TON 213.00 Down -0.47%  Graph-Icon

* Rise/fall compared to the previous publication
(26 May, 2021)
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Industry News
22-May-2024 Australia: Coca-Cola sells Feral Brewing to joint venture
19-May-2024 Brazil: Number of breweries up 6.8% in 2023 PM
17-May-2024 Zimbabwe: Delta Corporations annual profit surges by 59.2% PM
17-May-2024 Vietnam: Brewers struggling to recover amidst ongoing challenges PM
15-May-2024 EU: Weather far more important than sport for beer sector in Europe this summer PM
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Exchange Rates 22 May, 2024
1 AUD = 1.62882 EUR Up0.0052
1 BRL = 5.54469 EUR Down0.0016
1 CNY = 7.78966 EUR Down0.0591
1 CAD = 1.48087 EUR Up0.0016
1 GBP = 0.85418 EUR Down0.0016
1 JPY = 169.654 EUR Up0.5150
1 RUB = 98.0627 EUR Down0.5215
1 USD = 1.08578 EUR Down0.0011

*   Rise/fall compared to the previous day
(20 May, 2024)

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Market Prices Evolution
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Brewers' Share Value Evolution
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25-Mar-2014 The Number of US Breweries 2009 - 2014 PM
04-Mar-2014 World Top Beer Markets Forecast 2025 (March 2014) PM
05-Feb-2014 UK Beer Sales by Distribution Channel 1999 - 2013 PM
14-Jan-2014 Materials Used at US Breweries 2000 - 2013 PM
27-Dec-2013 Asia Beer Production by Country 2000 - 2012s PM
26-Nov-2013 Eastern Europe Beer Production by Country 2000 - 2012s PM
23-Oct-2013 Latin America Beer Production by Country 2000 - 2012e PM
02-Oct-2013 Europe Per Capita Beer Consumption by Country 2007 - 2012 PM
25-Sep-2013 World Beer Production by Country 2000 - 2012 PM
21-Aug-2013 World Beer Production by Continent 2000 - 2012 PM
31-Jul-2013 The 40 Largest Breweries Worldwide in 2009 - 2012 PM
03-Jul-2013 Brewing Industry in Belgium 1900-2012 PM
12-Jun-2013 US Beer Shipments by Largest Brewers and Beer Importers PM
29-May-2013 Canada Beer Sales 2006 - 2012 PM
02-May-2013 Austria Brewing Industry 1980-2012 PM

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Industry Events
H-Line No events registered
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Hop head
Someone who likes a very heavily hopped beer.
Hydrocyclon apparatus (Whirlpool)
A machine for clearing wort from trub.

Any compound made up entirely of carbon and hydrogen atoms.

Hop oil
A mixture of volatile aromatic compounds found in the lupulin glands of the hops; imparts hop flavor and aroma to beer.

Yorkshire stone
English system of fermentation using shallow, square, traditionally slate vessels for fermentation. Still in use by the Samuel Smith Brewery in Tadcaster, Yorkshire.
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Professional Assistance

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