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E-Malt.com Newsletter 40a
October 03 - October 05, 2022

Quote of the Week

I've always believed that paradise will have my favorite beer on tap.
Rudyard Wheatley

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on October 05, 2022
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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Brewery news USA, FL: Urban South Brewery acquires Pensacola’s Perfect Plain Brewing ...Click here
Brewery news Canada, NB: O’Creek Brewing Company looking to launch in Moncton early next year ...Click here
Brewery news USA, WA: Nomadic brewery Stillwater settles down in Grand Mount ...Click here
Brewery news USA, OH: Ignite Brewing Company working on new location in Brunswick ...Click here
Brewery news USA, CA: East Sacramento’s Tower Brewing announces permanent closure ...Click here
World News
Brewery news India: Study confirms increase in alcohol consumption in India ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Beer volumes down in the UK but there still are winners ...Click here
Whisky news India: United Spirits completes sale and franchising of 32 brands to Inbrew Beverages ...Click here
Brewery news Russia: AB InBev-Efes suspends production of Leffe beer in Russia ...Click here
Whisky news UK & India: Scotch whisky industry expected to benefit by free-trade agreement between the UK and India ...Click here
Brewery news Fiji: Fiji brewers have not escaped unscathed the global shortage of carbon dioxide ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Diageo warns on Scottish water shortage ...Click here
Brewery news The Czech Republic: Budějovický Budvar to raise its beer prices by average 10% ...Click here
Brewery news Cambodia: Heineken Cambodia launches whisky-infused beer ...Click here
Graph of the Week

Table of the Week

Austria Brewing Industry 1980-2021

Table of the week.

Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

These Days in Business History

03 October
1906 - SOS adopted as warning signal by 1st conference on wireless telegraphy
1922 - 1st facsimile photo send over city telephone lines, Washington, DC
1952 - 1st video recording on magnetic tape, Los Angeles, California

04 October
1910 - 1st public elevator (London's Earl's Court Metro Station)
1957 - USSR launches Sputnik I, 1st artificial Earth satellite
1958 - USSR Luna 3 sent back 1st photos of Moon's far side
1976 - Official launch of the InterCity 125 high speed train

05 October
1887 - Rene Cassin is born, pacifist, Nobel Peace Prize 1968
1902 - Ray Kroc born in Illinois, founder of McDonalds and owner of the San Diego Padres
1991 - The first official version of the Linux kernel, version 0.02, is released
1993 - Daimler-Benz becomes the first German company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange


October 2022:
04 - 06: International Beer Strategies Conference 2022 (Hilton Rome Airport, Fiumicino, Italy)
06 - 08: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2022 (Stockholm, Sweden)
06 - 08: The Great American Beer Festival 2022 (Denver, USA)
08 - 10: The International Beer Cup 2022 (Ota City, Tokyo, Japan)
12 - 15: China Brew & China Beverage 2022 (Shanghai New International Expo Centre, China)
13 - 15: Warsaw Beer Festival 2022 (Warsaw, Poland)
14 - 16: Barcelona Beer Festival 2022 (Barcelona, Spain)
21 - 23: Cerveza Mexico Expo 2022 (Mexico City, Mexico)
24 - 30: Copa Cervezas de America 2022 (Valparaiso, Chile)
27 - 28: Sea Brew 2022 (Bangkok, Thailand)

November 2022:
01 - 03: Brussels Beer Challenge 2022 (Eupen, Belgium)
22 - 23: 12th Iberoamerican VLB Symposium Brewing & Filling Technology 2022 (Uberlandia, Brazil)

December 2022:
06 - 07: 3rd VLB International Brewing Web Conference (VLB Virtual Campus)
07 - 09: Drink Japan 2022 (Makuhari Messe, Japan)
07 - 09: Drink Technology India 2022 (Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India)
07 - 11: Mondial de la Biere Rio 2022 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

February 2023:
10 - 13: HoReCa 2023 (Athens, Greece)
20 - 23: Beer & Food Attraction 2023 (Rimini, Italy)

March 2023:
08 - 11: Festival Brasileiro da Cerveja 2023 (Blumenau, Brazil)

May 2023:
07 - 10: Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2023 (Nashville, TN, USA)
10 - 10: World Beer Cup 2023 (Nashville, TN, USA)
12 - 14: Cerveza Mexico Expo 2023 (Guadalajara, Mexico)
25 - 27: InnBrew 2023 (Barcelona, Spain)
30 - 01 June: Beviale Mexico 2023 (Mexico City, Mexico)

More events are available on site e-malt.com

News Articles

Brewery news USA, FL: Urban South Brewery acquires Pensacola’s Perfect Plain Brewing
Urban South Brewery is empire-building again and has just acquired a brewery in Pensacola, Florida.

On September 27 Urban South Brewery announced that it will add Florida-based Perfect Plain Brewing to its expanding Southern family, working collaboratively to achieve the fullest potential for both breweries.

The acquisition will apply Urban South’s well-established manufacturing and distribution expertise to market Perfect Plain’s locally-inspired craft beer throughout the Florida Panhandle.

“Under the agreement, Urban South will assume operations of the Perfect Palin hospitality brand that owns and operates four concepts in Pensacola: Perfect Plain Brewing Co., Garden & Grain, Perennial and The Well.

“The relationship between our two breweries grew naturally alongside Urban South’s desire to invest in the Pensacola community,” said D.C. Reeves, Founder of Perfect Plain Brewing Co. and Pensacola’s next elected Mayor.

“When you build a business from the ground up, you don’t let just anyone in – I’m confident that Urban South can continue to grow the Perfect Plain brand and will work to put our region on the craft beer map. Their team has a long-term vision for not only this company, but our community, and we are grateful for their support during this next phase of growth.”

With Perfect Plain in ...More info on site

Brewery news Canada, NB: O’Creek Brewing Company looking to launch in Moncton early next year
A collaboration between four Moncton business stalwarts will see a permanent home open for O’Creek Brewing Company early next year, the Huddle Today reported on October 3.

John Gonzales, one of four partners working on the C$2-million effort to find a larger home for the microbrewery, set February 1 as its tentative opening day.

Once it moves into 175 Barker Street, O’Creek will share a home with True Reflection Training CrossFit, Quantum Jiu-Jitsu, and True Yoga – and will be just down the street from Tire Shack Brewing.

Gonzales said opening a microbrewery in New Brunswick, with an already high concentration of craft breweries, isn’t of much concern.

“I think there are some communities in this province that have a bit of saturation but I don’t think Moncton’s there yet,” he said. “I think Moncton is very receptive and loves the microbrewery environment, since you can see how all microbrewers are successful. The wonderful thing is owners have their own community – they talk and share ideas and that is really great.”

The 5,000-square-foot space will be half dedicated to the brewing process. The other fifty percent will be for guests and events and retail. The taproom will seat 100 people inside and “at ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, WA: Nomadic brewery Stillwater settles down in Grand Mount
A lot of beer aficionados around the country are familiar with Stillwater®, perhaps the most revered name in the nomadic brewing movement. Founded by Brian Strumke, Stillwater recently decided it was time to settle into one location and landed in Grand Mount, Washington. For the first time, Stillwater is concentrating its production in one place, the Washington Beer Blog reported on October 3.

In his former life, Brian Strumke earned acclaim and international recognition as an electronica DJ and producer but for the past decade-plus he’s directed a lot of his creative energy to Stillwater beers. A few years ago, the Baltimore native relocated to the Seattle area. It has been a very poorly kept secret that Strumke and Stillwater were looking to settle down somewhere around the Northwest.

As a nomadic brewery, Stillwater® took advantage of unused brewing capacity at other breweries across the country and around the world to create beers that won awards and garnered a reputation for creativity. Today we share the news that Stillwater has formed a partnership with Chehalis Tribe Enterprises, which owns Talking Cedar Brewery. Also, Stillwater beers will see distribution across Washington state by Browar Polska and Kendall’s Pioneer.

The brewing facility in Grand Mound, ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, OH: Ignite Brewing Company working on new location in Brunswick
Plans for a new Ignite Brewing Company location inside the upper level of the Swish 365 building at 1255 N. Carpenter Road in Brunswick are expected to be completed by early next year, Ignite representatives said this month, Cleveland.com reported.

“We are super excited,” said Ignite District Manager Rachelle Halchak. “We are hopeful to be open Jan. 1 at the latest. Working with the City (of Brunswick) has been super simple.”

Ignite opened its current location at 600 W. Tuscarawas Ave. in Barberton in 2017 and has made a number of menu and building expansions since that time.

Halchak said the company hopes the new Brunswick location will help shore up business during Ignite’s slower winter months.

Being located inside the Swish 365 building also has its advantages, Halchak said.

“(We will be) part of the sports facility, and that was one of the most appealing things -- having thousands of their customers walking past,” she said.

Ignite’s planned 114-seat indoor restaurant and brewhouse, along with a 4,600-square-foot patio with 152 seats, moved one step closer to fruition Sept. 1 when the Brunswick Planning Commission approved the company’s detailed site plan.

The plan also includes a 600-square-foot outdoor cooler and a small shed for a chiller -- ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, CA: East Sacramento’s Tower Brewing announces permanent closure
East Sacramento’s Tower Brewing announced on Facebook on October 1 that it will cease to exist after the close of business Sunday, October 2.

Owner Jeff Howes said in a Facebook post that High Water Brewing will take over the location on 66th Street near Folsom Boulevard.

“Unfortunately, my personal health has declined to a point where I can no longer support the brewery physically, mentally, or financially,” Howes said. “The last three years have been so challenging with the stress and tremendous financial strain caused by Covid and inflation but the health issues were the final straw.”

Howes took over ownership of the brewery, then called Sactown Union, three years ago and rebranded. He and his brewing team resurrected beers formerly made by Rubicon, the first craft brewery in Sacramento. Monkey Knife Fight, which Tower distributed in cans and kegs in the Sacramento area, was originally a Rubicon beer. Rubicon was located in the same Midtown location that currently houses Alaro Craft Brewery.

Tower Brewing sported a solid 3.74 rating on Untappd, the ratings app that has come to dominate the beer industry.

The brewery distributed around the Sacramento area. High Water, based in Lodi, is a larger brewery, with nearly 200,000 Untappd check-ins. ...More info on site

Brewery newsIndia: Study confirms increase in alcohol consumption in India
As Indians make more money, they spend more on branded liquors, a study shows, but illicit alcohol remains a profitable trade, the Deutsche Welle ...More info on site

Brewery newsUK: Beer volumes down in the UK but there still are winners
A new normal for the on-trade beer market is taking shape. Disrupted by pandemic lockdowns and now an inflationary crisis that’s constraining consumer spending ...More info on site

Whisky newsIndia: United Spirits completes sale and franchising of 32 brands to Inbrew Beverages
Diageo-controlled United Spirits Ltd (USL) on Friday, September 30 said it has completed the sale and franchising of 32 popular brands to Singapore-based Inbrew ...More info on site

Brewery news Russia: AB InBev-Efes suspends production of Leffe beer in Russia
Hailed as one of the few Belgian companies that had fully withdrawn from the Russian market after its invasion of Ukraine, selling off its stakes in joint ventures and suspending the use of its licence, brewer AB InBev found itself in hot water in August when it was reported that its Turkish venture partner had resumed brewing in the Russian market, The Brussels Times reported on October 1.

Now, after several months of brewing for the Russian market, production will once again be halted in the sanctioned country RTBF reports. AB InBev's Turkish partner announced that it would be suspending its activities “while negotiations continue concerning the sale of the stake not controlled by AB InBev in the joint venture.”

In mid-September, cans of Dinant beer Leffe were spotted on supermarket shelves in Russia with markings on the back indicating that the beer had been produced in one of three sites in Russia, namely the cities of Klin, Ivanon, and Ulyanovk. According to RTBF, AB InBev-Efes operated seven factories used to produce Leffe beer.

While the surprising appearance of Belgian beer cans on Russian shelves disappointed many commentators, it is now estimated that brewing of the beer may have only lasted several weeks. ...More info on site

Whisky news UK & India: Scotch whisky industry expected to benefit by free-trade agreement between the UK and India
UK and India are expected to announce a free-trade agreement (FTA) – potentially by the end of October – which investors would deem as good for the Scotch whisky industry, especially Diageo PLC, according to Citigroup.

Diageo owns 200 brands, with sales in over 180 countries, including the world’s best-selling Scotch whisky brand Johnnie Walker.

Citigroup predicted Scotch sales could rise by as much as US$2.9bn over time.

Pernod, however, is expected to benefit more from the possible trade deal than Diageo, Citi added.

This is because Pernod owns 100% of its operations, nonetheless, all Scotch importers to India will still welcome the news.

Citi reiterated its ‘buy’ rating on Pernod.

Brewery news Fiji: Fiji brewers have not escaped unscathed the global shortage of carbon dioxide
Beer producers around the world have been hit by a shortage of carbon dioxide and Fiji has not escaped unscathed with the key ingredient in short supply, the Fiji Times reported on October 1.

Paradise Beverages said it has been “impacted” by the low supply of CO2 gas a critical component in the production of carbonated drinks including Fiji Bitter and Fiji Gold.

Local distributors reached out to this newspaper last week, claiming they were being turned away from Paradise Beverages factories after being told there was a shortage of Fiji Beer and Fiji Gold.

“Just like with many businesses in Fiji, we are impacted by supply chain issues and global uncertainties,” said Paradise Beverages general manager Mike Spencer.

“CO2 is an ingredient that we and other carbonated beverage manufacturers use and there are global supply chain issues we are all working through.

“We are focused on continuing the production of our much-loved brands including Fiji Gold, Fiji Bitter, Ratu, Joskes Brew with Cola just to name a few.”

Beer manufacturers in the USA and Australia have reported that a shortage of cO2 on the world market was affecting production and it could last for months.

Paradise Beverages did not provide answers to specific questions on whether ...More info on site

Brewery news UK: Diageo warns on Scottish water shortage
Diageo PLC's Chief Executive Ivan Menezes believes Scotland could face a water shortage due to climate change unless businesses and lawmakers act, he said at the Reuters Impact conference on October 3.

The threat in Scotland, where Diageo is the biggest exporter of Scotch whisky through brands like Johnnie Walker, depends on how successful the world is at averting climate change and hitting a 1.5-degree Celsius limit on global warming, he said.

"There are scenarios where we could see water being stressed in Scotland," Menezes said.

Diageo's beer business manufacturing Guinness stout consumes more water than spirits, he added.

Menezes said that part of his compensation is tied to Diageo hitting specific environmental goals including on water conservation.

Diageo also makes Don Julio tequila, Smirnoff Vodka and Baileys liqueur.

Separately, Menezes said that Diageo is "not immune" to inflationary pressure and soaring energy costs but "should be OK" if Europe faces energy blackouts as soon as tomorrow.

Russia's war on Ukraine has driven energy prices to record highs, hitting Europe particularly hard because of its dependence on Russian gas.

"We should be well-covered," he said.

Diageo sees water conservation and environmental efforts as "really core to the long-term health of the business," Menezes said.

"We're a consumer business so it ...More info on site

Brewery news The Czech Republic: Budějovický Budvar to raise its beer prices by average 10%
The Czech state-owned brewery, Budějovický Budvar, will raise prices for all brands of its beer, from November. The increase will average 10%, the Prague Morning reported on October 4.

It comes after the company said its prices will rise because of “vicious” cost pressures: electricity, gas, hops, malt and packaging materials.

Budějovický Budvar’s chief executive Petr Dvorak said: “These kinds of price increases and inflation, I think we have not seen in a generation.” He added that putting up prices could lead to “softer beer consumption” as drinkers reined in their spending due to soaring living costs.

“Electricity has risen in price by 300%, which means tens of millions of crowns per year. The same applies to the prices of cans, bottles, cardboard boxes, packaging materials and gas. For example, we expect a larger increase in the price of malt, which is our most important expense.

Reports from hop factories show a catastrophic harvest. “Although we have long-term three-year contracts, I expect that they will not be fulfilled because hops simply do not exist. Raw materials and packaging have already increased in price by more than 10%,” he added.

Budějovický Budvar increased its net profit by some 10% for the second straight year as it ...More info on site

Brewery news Cambodia: Heineken Cambodia launches whisky-infused beer
Emblematic beer brand ABC is ready to create exceptional moments for Cambodians with ABC Reserve, the first whisky-infused beer in the market, the Campaign Brief Asia reported on October 5.

Known for its legendary Extra Stout, Cambodia’s number 1 premium stout beer, ABC, crafted this new innovative blend to offer exceptional taste experiences to the new generation with its smooth feel, mild warming finish & smoky aroma. With a growing young population seeking more moments of enjoyment, there was a clear opportunity for ABC to ignite the beer category with an exclusive brew. Heineken Cambodia entrusted Elmwood Singapore, a global design consultancy, with its first innovation in history, to establish ABC Reserve as the ideal drink for the next generation, tapping into higher energy occasions and inviting consumers to try the new brew.

Loic De Laubriere, Marketing Director of Heineken Cambodia, says: “With ABC Reserve, we want to connect with the new generations looking for a little more magic and eager to explore new taste experiences. Honouring our brewing recipe, the sleek design features premium whisky cues – from the signature coppery colour to the finely crafted typography. With Elmwood, we focused on establishing a strong emotional connection with the consumers ...More info on site

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