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November 22 - November 25, 2007
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"Sometimes, we just don't know enough about what we are trying to achieve."
Stuart Wilde

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Currency Rates

Base Currency: Euro, EUR
on 23-November-2007

1 EUR = 1.4849 USD
1 EUR = 0.7195 GBP
1 EUR = 1.4621 CAD
1 EUR = 1.7022 AUD
1 EUR = 161.351 JPY
1 EUR = 2.6382 BRL
1 EUR = 36.119 RUB
1 EUR = 11.0194 CNY
Base Currency: US Dollar
on 23-November-2007

1 USD = 0.6735 EUR
1 USD = 0.4846 GBP
1 USD = 0.9847 CAD
1 USD = 1.1463 AUD
1 USD = 108.668 JPY
1 USD = 1.7767 BRL
1 USD = 24.3242 RUB
1 USD = 7.421 CNY
Currency Rates, EUR/USD Chart

Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

Average Market Prices Change trend
November 23, 2007
Crop 2007 Crop 2008
2rs Barley 293.0-295.0 2.00% 2rs Barley 256.0-258.0 1.53%
6rw Barley 256.0-258.0 2.65% 6rw Barley 232.0-234.0 0.43%
2rs Malt 532.5-534.5 1.11% 2rs Malt 482.5-484.5 0.41%
6rw Malt 486.0-488.0 1.52% 6rw Malt 452.0-454.0 0.33%

Note: Just click on the price link and you will be led to our Market Price History. Average barley market prices are French and are estimated on FOB Creil basis. Average Malt Prices are theoretical and based FOB Antwerp being estimated on French malting . The changes are compared to last Newsletter's prices. Arrows indicate the direction of the change.

Top Industry News

UK: Scottish & Newcastle started arbitration proceeding against Carlsberg to take full control of BBH ...Click here
India: SABMiller will invest $500 million in four breweries to consolidate its position in the country ...Click here
Czech Republic: Beer output up 1.6% in January-September 2007 ...Click here
Turkey: Efes Breweries EBITDA up 34.8% to $131.2 million in January-September 2007 ...Click here
Australia: Lion Nathan exceeds guidance with solid 3.8% rise in net profit for the year to 30 September 2007 ...Click here
Belarus: Malt imports to be controlled by Government ...Click here
Canada: CWB malting barley PRO lower for two-row, unchanged for six-row ...Click here
Australia: Barley growers begin receiving record Select Pool advances ...Click here
Ukraine: January-October 2007 barley sales down 47.1%, to 2.076 Mt ...Click here
France: 2007 barley crop down 9% y/y, market sliding ...Click here

Russia: Police raids Sun InBev offices to find tax-evasion probes ...More Info
Netherlands & Czech Republic: Heineken in talks to acquire Czech brewery Drinks Union ...More Info
Malaysia: Carlsberg will launch a new beer brand to attract younger consumers ...More Info
UK: Another bad year for beer sales forecasted after England failed to qualify for Euro 2008 football championship ...More Info
USA: Anheuser-Busch returns to Budweiser heritage again in order to emphasize quality and brewing in marketing messages ...More Info
Russia: Moscow Efes Brewery delays 6 billion rouble bond sale to next year because of poor market climate ...More Info
UK: Brewer Fuller announces a 16% rise in profits for April-September 2007 ...More Info
Canada: Big Rock Brewery takes home double gold at the 2007 Canadian Brewing Awards ...More Info
UK: Barley growers better to focus on margins in view of market volatility ...More Info
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Brewery News

UK: Scottish & Newcastle started arbitration proceeding against Carlsberg to take full control of BBH
Scottish & Newcastle PLC is confident it can win full control of Baltic Beverages Holding from Carlsberg A/S at arbitration and introduce a new ...More Info

India: SABMiller will invest $500 million in four breweries to consolidate its position in the country
SABMiller will invest $100 million every year for the next five years and set up four greenfield breweries in India as part of its ...More Info

Czech Republic: Beer output up 1.6% in January-September 2007
Breweries in the Czech Republic raised beer production by 1.6 percent year-on-year to 15.4 million hectolitres in January-September, according to the Association of Breweries ...More Info

Turkey: Efes Breweries EBITDA up 34.8% to $131.2 million in January-September 2007

Efes Breweries International N.V. announced its consolidated financial results for the nine months ended 30 September 2007 prepared in accordance with IFRS, in a press release, November 22.

“We are pleased to complete the nine month period of 2007 with a strong top line growth, exceeding FY2006 revenues, driven especially by the strong performance in Russia, outstanding growth in Kazakhstan and remarkable growth in other countries” commented Alejandro Jimenez, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Management of Efes Breweries International (“EBI”). “We are happy to deliver this strong performance albeit the start of a very challenging raw material cost inflation period for the global markets.”

EBI’s consolidated sales volume increased by 13.9% in YTD 3Q2007 over the comparable period of previous year and reached 10.4 million hectoliters (“mhl”). However the like-for-like sales volume growth in the nine months period of 2007 was 18.0% and is calculated by;

1) including the sales volume in the first two months of 2006 of the Krasny Vostok Brewing Group (“KV Group”), which EBI acquired in February 2006 and by

2) excluding the sales volume of Interbrew Efes Brewery (“Efes Romania”), EBI’s 50% operating subsidiary in Romania, in which EBI disposed its shareholding in August 2006, from YTD 3Q2006 results.

On ...More Info

Australia: Lion Nathan exceeds guidance with solid 3.8% rise in net profit for the year to 30 September 2007

Lion Nathan Limited (Lion Nathan) has exceeded guidance with a solid result, lifting operating net profit after tax by 3.8% to $267.2 million for the year to 30 September 2007, according to company’s press release, November 21.

After the impact of individually significant items (ISIs), reported NPAT increased 24.4% to $282.1 million. Group net sales revenue grew strongly, increasing 6.6% to $1.97 billion. Operating EBIT grew 4.1% to $472.4 million, while reported EBIT increased 10.4% to $452.7 million.

Lion Nathan CEO Rob Murray said: “We have continued to grow earnings and deliver strong cash flow while making a significant investment in the long term health of our business. We have made real progress in building people capability and investing in our brands and our production assets to achieve higher sustainable long term earnings growth from the 2009 financial year”.

“This result reflects a solid performance from all our business units. The strong revenue growth reflects successful brand and NPD1 investment in our core businesses, along with continued mix shift to national and premium brands,” Mr Murray continued.

Profit growth was achieved despite higher aluminium prices, higher barley costs due to the drought in Australia in addition to further investment to build a presence in the spirits ...More Info

Malt News

Belarus: Malt imports to be controlled by Government
Belarusian president issued a resolution by which all the malt imports will be controlled by state authority of food control Belgospischeprom, according to Reuters, ...More Info

Barley News

Canada: CWB malting barley PRO lower for two-row, unchanged for six-row

The CWB released its latest Pool Return Outlook (PRO) for the 2007-08 crop year and the first PRO of the year for feed barley in Pool B, which runs from Feb. 1 to July 31, 2008, according to CWB’s press release, November 22. The PRO for Pool A feed barley is unchanged from last month. Two-row malting barley is $3 lower, while six-row is unchanged.

PRO commentary 2007-08 crop year

Feed barley

Pool A - The small pool size of Pool A reflects limited delivery opportunities due to logistical capacity constraints in the Pool A delivery window. The feed-grain situation in Europe has stabilized as corn from Latin America and sorghum from the U.S. have reached the market. Corn continues to provide a price floor for feed barley; however, the corn-wheat spread has narrowed over the past month.

Pool B - The feed barley market is expected to remain highly volatile. Saudi Arabia has uncovered demand but, given high ocean-freight rates, Canada has a significant freight disadvantage for shipping to Saudi Arabia relative to Europe. The tightness of the global feed grain supply situation should ease as a record-sized U.S. corn crop will be available for export and new-crop corn will be available from ...More Info

Australia: Barley growers begin receiving record Select Pool advances

Australian barley growers who supported ABB’s pre-harvest commitment pools have begun receiving record first advances, according to ABB’s press release, November 22.

ABB’s managing director, Michael Iwaniw, said that unprecedented, recent international grain prices had meant ABB was able to provide record advances for its Select pools against very attractive estimated returns.

“The advances* will be $370/tonne for malting 1 barley and $350/tonne for feed 1 barley for growers who supported ABB’s Select 1 pool on offer from late August until October 8; $325/t for malting 1 and $300/t for feed 1 in the Select 2 pool and $325/t and $262/t for the Select 3 pool,” Mr Iwaniw said.

“These harvest advances are extremely high and they reflect the confidence ABB has in achieving the current estimated returns.

“ABB was pleased with the support for these pools which demonstrate ABB’s willingness to provide options that remain popular and relevant to the majority of local barley growers.”

ABB Select was opened as a pre-harvest commitment option for growers who preferred the flexibility and convenience of ABB’s various pool options. This option allowed growers who prefer to market their grain via pools, the opportunity to take part in the buoyant domestic barley market that existed just before ...More Info

Ukraine: January-October 2007 barley sales down 47.1%, to 2.076 Mt

As to State Statistics Committee, within this year January-October agricultural companies have reduced barley sales to 2.076 Mt, down 1.845 Mt (- 47.1%) against last year same period, Agro Perspectiva reported November 23.

As for barley sales structure, companies have sold 4.2% total barley to processors; 2.7% barley were given to population (incl. public catering system) on account of salaries, 7.5% – to shareholders on account of land plots/property shares rental payment. As to Committee, 10.6% of total barley were sold on markets, while 75% were sold off through other trade channels.

In last year Jan-Oct agrarians had sold 3.921 Mt of barley.

As to Agro Perspective earlier report, within this year Jan-Sept agricultural companies had shortened barley sales to 1.916 Mt, down 1.51 MT (- 44%) as of last year Jan-Sept.

France: 2007 barley crop down 9% y/y, market sliding
With 9.5 Mt, 2007 barley crop is 9% down from that of 2006 and 10% down of five years average, La Depeche published November ...More Info
Scientific Digest

Determination of the high molecular weight -glucan content of malt wort by a spectrophotometric method - determination of the accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility

Submitted by F.J.M. Freijee on behalf of the Analysis Committee of the European Brewery Convention.

A new spectrophotometric method for the determination of the soluble high molecular weight mixed linkage (1,3)(1,4) -D glucan (-glucans) fraction present in malt was collaboratively tested by the Analysis Committee of the European Brewery Convention according to ISO Standard 5725-2 in order to determine its suitability for publication in Analytica-EBC. At the same time and by using the same samples the fluorimetric method used currently was also collaboratively tested. Accuracy, repeatability r(95) and reproducibility R(95) values are presented.
... Load full article, 6 pages, 532 Kb, PDF file

Malting barley prices.

Prices for Danish malting barley are available
on site www.e-malt.com/MarketPrices

Theoretical malt prices

Theoretical malt prices (Crop 2007, Crop 2008).

NB: Prices published are theoretical malt prices including financial cost, THC (for bulk and bags container) and all administrative costs. This prices may fluctuate according to the quantity per delivery and technical specifications.

* - 70/30 = 70% Average two Rows Spring and 30% Six Rows Winter
** - 50/50 = 50% Average two Rows Spring and 50% Six Rows Winter

Table of the week

EU Malt Export Licence Fixations as of October 30, 2007
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Graph Of The Week

These Days in Business History
November 22
1906 International Radio Telecommunications Com adopts "SOS" as new call for help
1927 1st snowmobile patent granted to Carl Eliason (Sayner Wisc)
1954 Humane Society forms

November 23
1863 Patent granted for a process of making color photographs
1936 1st issue of Life, picture magazine created by Henry R Luce
1992 10,000,000 cellular telephone sold

November 24
1914 Louis de Raet, Belgian economist/Flemish People Party, dies
1951 British auto manufacturers Austin/Moris Motors merge

November 25
1867 Alfred Nobel patents dynamite
1884 John B Meyenberg of St. Louis patents evaporated milk