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E-Malt.com Newsletter 45a
November 05 - November 07, 2018

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A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
Phyllis Diller

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Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Malt news USA: Cargill malt plant in North Dakota shuts down ...Click here
Barley news USA, NC: Dry Falls Brewing Co. officially open in Hendersonville ...Click here
Brewery news USA, OR: Asher David Brewing & Cellarworks becomes Astoria’s newest brewery ...Click here
Brewery news USA, TN: WanderLinder Brewing Company to open its doors in Chattanooga on November 8 ...Click here
Barley news Canada, AB: Barley harvest nearing completion ...Click here
Brewery news USA, FL: Tripping Animals Brewing to become Doral’s second brewery this month ...Click here
Brewery news USA, CO: Fate Brewing files for bankruptcy ...Click here
Brewery news USA, ME: Stars & Stripes Brewing Co. ready to open in Freeport ...Click here
Brewery news USA, IN: Taxman Brewing Company to open new brewery next fall ...Click here
World News
Brewery news The Netherlands & China: Heineken finalizes $3 bln deal with China Resources beer ...Click here
Brewery news South Korea: Shinsegae Group reportedly moving to acquire AB InBev’s Oriental Brewery ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Molson Coors’ UK business sees profits fall by nearly £15 mln ...Click here
Brewery news Nigeria: Guinness Nigeria’s profit after tax up 249% in the year to June 30 ...Click here
Brewery news Malaysia: Absence of excise duty hike in Budget 2019 comes as relief to brewers ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Liberal Democrat leader warns of possible Guinness shortage following Brexit ...Click here
Brewery news South Korea: Diageo Korea to expand and popularize its beer lineup ...Click here
Brewery news Zimbabwe: AB InBev sees panic buying of beer over tax controversy ...Click here
Whisky news South Korea: Diageo to start selling limited edition White Walker whisky in mid-December ...Click here
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Table of the Week

Beer Industry in the Netherlands 2016-2017

Table of the week.

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These Days in Business History

05 November
1492 - Christopher Columbus learns of maize (corn) from Indians of Cuba
1895 - George Selden patents 1st gasoline-driven car
2007 - Android mobile operating system is unveiled by Google

06 November
1851 - Charles H Dow was born, co-founded Dow Jones/1st editor of Wall St Journal
1923 - Col Jacob Schick patents 1st electric shaver

07 November
1865 - London Gazette, oldest surviving journal, is founded
1867 - Marie Curie is born, French Scientist, discovered radium, Nobel 1903, 1911
1929 - The stock market sludges through a day of murky panic, as 2.4 million shares trade in the first half-hour, one of the heaviest openings yet on record


November 2018:
13-15: Brau Beviale 2018 (Nuremberg, Germany)

February 2019:
8-10: Finest Spirits 2019 (Munich, Germany)
8-11: HoReCa 2019 (Athens, Greece)
15-16: Braukunst Live! 2019 (Munich, Germany)
16-19: Beer Attraction 2019 (Rimini, Italy)
19-21: Beviale Moscow 2019 (Moscow, Russia)
19-23: Great British Beer Festival Winter 2019 (Norwich, UK)
28-02 March: Drink Technology India 2019 (Bengaluru, India)

March 2019:
5-7: Expo Antad & Alimentaria Mexico 2019 (Mexico City, Mexico)
11-13: 105th Brewing and Engineering Congress 2019 (Rust, Germany)
13-14: BeerX 2019 (Liverpool, UK)
13-16: Festival Brasileiro da Cerveja 2019 (Blumenau, Brazil)
14-16: Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair 2019 (Dublin, Ireland)
15-17: Barcelona Beer Festival 2019 (Barcelona, Spain)
27-28: Craft Beer Italy 2019 (Milan, Italy)
27-29: 10th World Barley, Malt & Beer Conference (Warsaw, Poland)

April 2019:
8-11: Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2019 (Denver, Colorado, USA)
26-28: Zythos Beer Festival 2019 (Leuven, Belgium)

May 2019:
15-17: Craft Beer China 2019 (Shanghai, China)
21-24: Beer 2019 (Sochi, Russia)
21-26: Latvia Beer Fest 2019 (Riga, Latvia)
22-25: Mondial de la Biere 2019 (Montreal, Canada)
23-25: Copenhagen Beer Festival 2019 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

June 2019:
03-04: The Brewers of Europe Forum 2019 (Antwerp, Belgium)
09-11: Brewing Conference 2019 (Bangkok, Thailand)
25-26: BevExpo 2019 (Coventry, UK)

July 2019:
09-11: Fdt Africa 2019 (Midrand, South Africa)

August 2019:
02-04: The 23rd International Berlin Beer Festival (Berlin, Germany)
06-10: The Great British Beer Festival 2019 (London, UK)
07-10: VIETFOOD & BEVERAGE - PROPACK 2019 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
09-10: Beervana 2019 (Wellington, New Zealand)

September 2019:
04-08: Mondial de la Biere 2019 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
21-06 October: Oktoberfest 2019 (Munich, Germany)
26-27: Sea Brew 2019 (Bangkok, Thailand)

October 2019:
03-05: The Great American Beer Festival 2019 (Denver, USA)

December 2019:
05-07: Drink Technology India 2019 (New Delhi, India)

More events are available on site e-malt.com

News Articles

Malt news USA: Cargill malt plant in North Dakota shuts down
The Cargill Malt plant in Spiritwood North Dakota, “went dark” at the end of October, completing a shutdown process announced in April. The company cited a change in the type of malt preferred by brewers as one of the reasons for the closing that cost the plant’s 55 employees their jobs, the Grand Forks Herald reported on November 4.

The malting process steeps barley or other grains in water. The grain then germinates to convert starches to sugars before the malt is dried. The malt can then be fermented into alcoholic products, such as beer.

The Spiritwood plant produced a variety of malts for large- and small-scale brewers. The plant also produced flour and cereal as byproducts.

An article about the plant’s closing last spring by the German publication Inside Beer called the Spiritwood plant one of the largest in the world, capable of producing 440,000 tons of malt per year.

Cargill may still be looking at repurposing the plant for another operation within the company, according to Connie Ova, CEO of the Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corp.

“We’ve had no new information since the (April) announcement,” she said.

When it made the announcement, Cargill said it would first look internally for another use for the plant before ...More info on site

Barley news USA, NC: Dry Falls Brewing Co. officially open in Hendersonville
What started out as a dream shared by a father and son is now a reality, as Dry Falls Brewing Co. officially opened on Friday, November 2 in Hendersonville, BlueRidgeNow.com reported.

After years of planning and preparations, Jeff and Evan Gollihar are ready to welcome the Hendersonville community to their new spot, and looking forward to seeing how the brewery will flourish in the future.

“I’m very excited,” Jeff Gollihar said while putting the finishing touches on the space on November 2.

The family initially looked at Seventh Avenue for a potential location, but decided on an old body shop on Kanuga Road. With a lot of elbow grease and determination, the space has been completely renovated.

The beer menu includes clever labels such as the Blushing Otter (a witbier) and the Paddle Faster Pale Ale. Other brews include the White Water Wit, Busy Bend Blonde, Simply Citra IPA, Mt. Delay IPA, Amber Waves, Kitty Conscience, Bent Nickel Brown, Mud Creek Milk Stout, “Blue Tape” Blueberry Blonde, Cherry Vanilla Milk Stout and Mud Creek Milk Stout (Nitro).

All beers are brewed in house by brewmaster John Duncan, who goes by Duncan, and has 25 years of experience in the industry. A porter is still in ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, OR: Asher David Brewing & Cellarworks becomes Astoria’s newest brewery
Inside Astoria’s oldest active brewery is the city’s newest, the Daily Astorian reported on November 5.

David Lederfine and Jim Parker recently started Asher David Brewing & Cellarworks, a tenant operation leasing a four-barrel brewhouse at Astoria Brewing Co. on 11th Street.

The brewery is named after the son of Lederfine and built from the model of Awesome Ales, a similar tenant brewery Lederfine ran over the past five years at brewhouses around the state. The model came from a friend and political candidate who promoted regional buying and sharing of medical equipment among hospitals as a way to cut health care costs.

“It’s always been my thought that there’s a lot of underutilized capacity,” Lederfine said. “I get to, A, be ‘green,’ not adding to the carbon footprint by adding a new brewery, and also give the host brewery an additional revenue stream.”

Lederfine and Parker are both veterans of the brewery scene, having owned pubs and bars and brewed for other companies around the Pacific Northwest and Colorado.

Parker was the director of the Oregon Brewers Guild for six years. The two were originally introduced in 1997 at a craft beer conference in Seattle by mutual friend Jack Harris, a co-owner of Fort ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, TN: WanderLinder Brewing Company to open its doors in Chattanooga on November 8
After several delays in construction at the King Street Station project in downtown Chattanooga and more than two years after signing their lease, brothers Chris and Mike Dial are set to open WanderLinger Brewing Company at 1208 King St. on Thursday, November 8, the Chattanooga Times Free Press reported.

As is the case for many homebrewers-turned-pro, Mike, 36, decided to open his own brewery after 10 years of brewing in his North Shore home. Calling it a "hobby that got out of control," Mike said he began sketching up a business plan a few years ago.

"WanderLinger" is a name created and inspired by Mike and his wife who love to be outdoors and use it as their "backpacking philosophy," Mike said.

"We wander, we linger, we are not really in a rush to get anywhere," he said. "It's kind of a life philosophy."

That theme of wandering and adventure is tied into the tap handles behind the bar, which are made from walking sticks. To start, there will be 12 beers on tap with different varieties such as a pale ale, India pale ales, American-style porter, German amber, German lager, Russian imperial stout, English special bitter and saison.

While Mike has a passion for ...More info on site

Barley news Canada, AB: Barley harvest nearing completion
Alberta farmers made significant harvest progress in late-October, with nearly 95 per cent of crops off the field as of Oct. 30, according to the final crop report of the season from Alberta Agriculture.

On a crop-by-crop basis, spring wheat was 96.1 per cent harvested, durum 95.4 per cent, barley 95.6 per cent, peas 98.6 per cent, and canola 91.7 per cent.

Average wheat yields were estimated at 46.9 bushels per acre, barley at 59.7 bushels, oats 78.1, canola 39.7 and peas 40.0. Overall, average yields were about four per cent off the five-year average but two per cent above the 10-year average.

Since the end of August, crop quality deteriorated due to wet conditions. Provincially, crop quality for all crops was below the 5-year averages, with the exception of malt barley and the top two grades of durum wheat and dry peas, which were above their 5-year averages. About 66 per cent of hard red spring wheat graded in the top two grades, with 18 per cent graded as feed quality. About 44 per cent of oats graded number 2 or better. Nearly 23 per cent of barley was eligible for malt and 60 per cent graded as number 1. Almost 68 ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, FL: Tripping Animals Brewing to become Doral’s second brewery this month
Doral is set to welcome its second brewery when Tripping Animals Brewing opens for its first day of business this month, the Miami New Times reported on November 7.

Tripping Animals founders Ignacio Montenegro, Iker Elorriaga, Juan Torres, Francisco Arocha, and head brewer Daniel Chocron first announced their plans to open a brewery in 2016 after securing a 15,000-square-foot industrial space in Doral. Montenegro says the partners will announce the opening date soon, but the tap room could open as early as next week.

Tripping Animals has its roots in Venezuela where Chocron and Torres founded a nano-brewery called Casa Coronarias in 2012. Montenegro went to university in St. Louis, and also worked closely with dozens of craft breweries, later landing a position at O'Fallon Brewery in Maryland Heights, Missouri. The team moved stateside in early 2014 to found Tripping Animals Brewing, the name pays homage to the fauna native to Florida and Latin America, with each animal taking drinkers on a trip to a certain part of the world.

"The idea is to create great craft beer and promote a unique atmosphere, as well as spread the craft beer lifestyle," said Chocron. "In Venezuela, the culture of craft beer just wasn't ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, CO: Fate Brewing files for bankruptcy
Fate Brewing, which opened in Boulder in 2013, began coming apart at the seams last week, and Fate's destiny may now lie in the hands of a federal bankruptcy judge, the Westworld reported on November 5.

In mid-October, the Town of Lafayette seized Fate's Lafayette restaurant and taphouse, which is called the Fate Ale House, for failing to pay taxes, according to the Boulder Daily Camera. Fate opened the location, its second, in 2016 and had plans to open a third spot in Louisville at the time.

Then, on October 28, Fate announced on Facebook that it would close the Fate Ale House for good. “It is with heavy hearts that we announce the permanent closure of our Lafayette location," the company wrote in a now-deleted post. "The decision does not come lightly, but we are confident that it is the right choice. We are excited to re-focus all of our time, energy and resources to the flagship brewpub in Boulder.”

On November 1, Fate filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection in United States Bankruptcy Court, claiming more than fifty creditors, including its landlord, banks and brewing-supply companies.

Founder Mike Lawinski declined to comment, saying he might be able to provide further details later.

Lawinski, ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, ME: Stars & Stripes Brewing Co. ready to open in Freeport
Spent bullet shells beneath a glass-covered bar. Old military helmets dangling in the bathrooms as light shades. The upper barrel of an AR-15 as the handle for a beer tap.

The flavor of Marine life, known quite well to Brad Nadeau, is as powerful as the beers he’s spent years perfecting. Years of work and investment will culminate next weekend when the former Marine Corps sergeant opens Stars & Stripes Brewing Co. at 8 Varney Road in Freeport, the Press Herald reported on November 2.

On Oct. 16, a paint-covered Nadeau was working by himself at the brew pub, where the tables and benches evoke a German beer hall.

Preparing for opening day has been a nonstop labor of love, he said, and he plans during at least the operation’s first year to be on site every day as the face of the business.

“I’m going to be living here,” Nadeau joked about the building situated behind Antonia’s pizzeria on Route 1. “I’ll probably sleep under the bar.”

He said he is deeply proud of the business born out of a home brewery he operated the past three years in his West Cumberland garage, using 380-gallon stainless steel tanks. That has grown into the five ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, IN: Taxman Brewing Company to open new brewery next fall
Bargersville, Ind.-based Taxman Brewing Company will open a brewery with a beer garden and restaurant just south of Bankers Life Fieldhouse next fall, the Indianapolis Star reported on November 2.

The Taxman CityWay Gastropub and Beer Garden is expected to open mid-September 2019 in a historic building at the northwest corner of Delaware and East South streets.

The building, built in the mid-1800s, was originally a stable for horses. It was moved from its original location a few hundred feet north this past summer.

"It's a unique project because we get to do a redevelopment of an old building smack dab in the middle of Downtown," Taxman president and co-owner Nathan Huelsebusch said.

Taxman CityWay will be the third location for the 5-year-old brewery founded by tax professionals. Taxman, known for its Belgian-style beers, has restaurants in Bargersville and Fortville with menus similar to what will be served at its newest spot: Burgers, sandwiches, Belgian-style fries and waffles.

There will be a 3,000-square-foot beer garden and room for about 130 people inside, and Huelsebusch said he's planning for 16 Taxman beers on tap. The brewery will be both kid- and dog-friendly.

Taxman CityWay is part of CityWay 2.0, the second phase of a mixed-used ...More info on site

Brewery newsThe Netherlands & China: Heineken finalizes $3 bln deal with China Resources beer
Dutch brewing behemoth Heineken said Monday, November 5 it had finalised a $3 billion deal to merge its Chinese operations with the country's top ...More info on site

Brewery newsSouth Korea: Shinsegae Group reportedly moving to acquire AB InBev’s Oriental Brewery
Shinsegae Group is reportedly moving to acquire Oriental Brewery (OB), an affiliate of AB InBev which produces several of Korea's most popular beverages including ...More info on site

Brewery newsUK: Molson Coors’ UK business sees profits fall by nearly £15 mln
The UK arm of Molson Coors has seen its profits fall by nearly £15 mln despite an increase in turnover, The Morning Advertiser reported ...More info on site

Brewery news Nigeria: Guinness Nigeria’s profit after tax up 249% in the year to June 30
Guinness Nigeria Plc has said its profit after tax rose by 249 per cent to N6.7 bln for the year ended June 30, 2018, compared to the N1.9 bln reported in the previous year, The Punch reported on November 6.

The firm announced a 14 per cent growth in its revenue from N125.92 bln in 2017 to N142.98 bln in 2018.

This is as the firm declared a dividend of N4.03 bln following the approval by its shareholders at the 68th Annual General Meeting held recently in Abuja.

According to the firm, the dividend declared translates to a payment of 184 kobo gross per share to the shareholders, representing 318 per cent increase over the dividend paid in the previous financial year.

It said the 2018 financial year showed impressive growth as it recorded a 31 per cent improvement in operating profit from N10.2 bln to N13.4 bln.

Addressing shareholders at the AGM, the Chairman, Board of Directors, Guinness Nigeria, Mr Babatunde Savage, said the firm had demonstrated business resilience, adding that its performance showed its commitment to ensure returns on shareholders’ investments.

“The company’s performance for the year ended 30 June, 2018 shows impressive growth and resilience. Although the challenges in the operating environment are ...More info on site

Brewery news Malaysia: Absence of excise duty hike in Budget 2019 comes as relief to brewers
The absence of an excise duty hike in Budget 2019 came as a relief to brewers like Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd on November 2, The Edge Markets reported.

That's because a further hike in excise duties, if any, will lead to a dramatic increase in contraband beers, which already account for approximately 25% of beer consumption in Malaysia, its managing director Lars Lehmann told theedgemarkets.com on November 2.

While Malaysia’s excise duty rate for beer is the third highest in the world after Norway and Singapore, Lehmann said Malaysia’s gross domestic product per capital, however, is nine times lower than Norway and five times lower than Singapore.

“The contraband beers are those which contain 12% to 18% alcohol by volume (ABV) and retailed at extremely low prices below RM5 for a 500ml can. For obvious reason, the selling price of RM5 is a strong indicator that excise duty and import tax of approximately RM18 for these products are not paid,” he added.

In addition, Lehmann noted that most of these products do not carry the requisite health warnings sign mandated by the health ministry.

Noting that Malaysia is one of the key markets in Asia for Carlsberg Group globally, Lehmann said Carlsberg Malaysia also exports ...More info on site

Brewery news UK: Liberal Democrat leader warns of possible Guinness shortage following Brexit
Pubs could run out of Guinness following Brexit, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has warned - so you won't even be able to drown your sorrows with the black stuff, The New European reported on November 2.

Cable warned an extreme scenario caused by a no deal or a very bad deal could lead to the supply "drying up".

The MP was speaking after he and party colleague, Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine, met executives from global drinks giant Diageo in Edinburgh and discussed the impact of Brexit.

The firm - whose brands include Guinness, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker and Baileys - is one of the world's biggest distillers.

Cable said: "It's a global business, it depends on having frictionless borders. Anything that screws up their trade is a problem for them.

"There are some specific issues, the supply chains in Ireland, for example, go across the Irish frontier - you've got whisky going one way and cream going the other to make Baileys.

"If the Irish border is a problem then they have a serious problem as a company."

"You can envisage a situation in which Guinness and Baileys, which are the two brands which are the most affected, are seriously disrupted.

"In an extreme scenario, where there ...More info on site

Brewery news South Korea: Diageo Korea to expand and popularize its beer lineup
The South Korean branch of British liquor firm Diageo will expand and popularize its beer lineup as part of alternative plans to slowing growth of whiskey market in South Korea, The Korea Herald quoted its head as saying on November 7.

Diageo Korea CEO Lee Kyung-woo told reporters that the company would strengthen its imported beer lineup next year, particularly its stout beer brand Guinness, stressing the fast-growing beer market here.

“Imported beer is seeing two-digit growth each year in Korea. With continuous market growth expected for another year, we want to grow our Guinness as a leading stout,” Lee told reporters. The company might introduce an Irish beer brand early next year, he said without elaborating.

Lee, a veteran retail marketing expert, led discount chain Homeplus’ mall business division prior to joining Diageo Korea in February. He also worked at Converse Korea, CJ Cheiljedang and Johnson and Johnson.

According to market data, imported beers recorded 216 million won ($192,000) in sales from January to September last year, an increase of about 50 percent on-year.

Despite the rising popularity of beer, the company said it would not give up on South Korea‘s whiskey market, which suffered from declining demand for heavy liquor.

Instead, the company ...More info on site

Brewery news Zimbabwe: AB InBev sees panic buying of beer over tax controversy
Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV’s Zimbabwe interest said government dithering over a controversial tax on money transfers has led to panic buying of beer and a disruption in fuel supplies, overshadowing a bumper six-month period of sales, Bloomberg reported on November 7.

Delta Corp., which has the world’s biggest brewer as its largest shareholder, said business confidence has been undermined in the southern African nation by “conflicting statements from authorities.” The shortage of fuel has disrupted deliveries while a surge in demand has made the market unpredictable, it said in a results presentation on November 7.

Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube introduced the levy last month to help repair stretched state finances, only for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to announce a rethink after a wave of panic buying and a rise in basic-commodity prices. Foreign-exchange shortages and austerity measures have also hurt consumers yet to see signs of an economic revival after the ouster of Robert Mugabe a year ago.

Delta’s performance in the six months through September benefited from the optimistic mood that characterised the election period, with lager sales jumping 54 percent to $187 million. Volumes passed their historical peak in 2012/2013, with sorghum beer production also rising.

Whisky news South Korea: Diageo to start selling limited edition White Walker whisky in mid-December
Diageo Korea will begin selling White Walker by Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky in South Korea in mid-December, according to the head of the U.K. distiller's local subsidiary.

The limited edition Scotch whisky was inspired by the most enigmatic and feared characters on the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones" ― the White Walkers.

Since the U.K. headquarters of Diageo announced its release, fans of the show and whisky lovers have been curious about import of the limited edition to Korea.

"Game of Thrones Season 8 will start in April next year, so Diageo collaborated with HBO to release the limited edition Scotch whisky," Diageo Korea Managing Director Robert Rhee said in a press conference Tuesday at the company's new office which opened in July on Yeouido in Seoul. "Many fans have asked about its release here on social media."

White Walker will be available at Costco Wholesale stores and other hypermarkets nationwide, according to Diageo Korea.

The company will also come up with a gift package of White Walker during the Lunar New Year holidays.

It is considering selling the limited edition whisky in Korea until April 2019.

White Walker also features a temperature-sensitive ink technology, so "Game of Thrones" fans will be able to read "Winter ...More info on site

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