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Industry job opportunities
Job.gif JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Ganzberg Brewery Cambodia (June 2016)

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E-Malt.com Newsletter 43b
October 27 - October 30, 2016

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If you make an error, use it as a stepping stone to a new idea you might not have otherwise discovered.
Roger von Oech

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on October 28, 2016
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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Brewery news USA: Craft beer market may be starting to get stale ...Click here
Brewery news Canada, SK: Saskatchewan government announces changes in markup structure for brewers ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MN: Hoops Brewing aiming at spring opening in Duluth ...Click here
Brewery news USA, TX: Armadillo Ale Works facility under construction in Denton ...Click here
Brewery news USA, NY: Ellicottville Brewing Co. eyeing vacant building in Little Valley for its new expansion project ...Click here
Brewery news USA, NC: Lucky City Brewing planning out business in Reidsville ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MI: East West Brewing Co. plans to open in Grand Rapids in a month ...Click here
Brewery news USA, OH: Rivertown Brewing Company receives approval for its Monroe location ...Click here
Brewery news USA, WI: Thumb Knuckle Brewing Co. to become Kewaunee County’s second craft brewery ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MD: Diamondback Brewing Company to launch in Baltimore on November 4 ...Click here
World News
Brewery news World: AB InBev reports weak Q3 results and cuts guidance for full-year revenue ...Click here
Brewery news Brazil: Ambev SA expects no net revenue growth this year ...Click here
Brewery news Vietnam: Investors rush to buy newly-listed Habeco shares ...Click here
Barley news China: Malting barley imports in 2017 may reach 3.5 mln tonnes, analysts believe ...Click here
Brewery news Peru: January-August beer imports increase 35% ...Click here
Barley news Denmark & Sweden & Finland: Barley crop quality reported as good this year ...Click here
Brewery news South Korea: Oriental Brewery decides to hike prices of its beers by an average 6% ...Click here
Brewery news UK: AB InBev’s takeover of SABMiller is a cause for concern for Great Britain’s Campaign for Real Ale ...Click here
Graph of the Week

Table of the Week

Latin America Beer Production by Country 2005 - 2015s

Table of the week.

Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

Scientific Digest


This question was addressed by a German research group. They compared different crown liner material with highly hopped beer packaged in bottles. For all measured hop components, the first 20 days showed a high absorption curve of these aroma components in the different liner materials. There was little difference observed between those liner materials but it was shown that the hydrocarbon components are especially susceptible to quick sorption while terpenoids showed minor migration tendency. Drink your beer before the liners get all the delicious hop flavours!

Wietstock, P.: Scalping of hop volatiles from beer into crown cork liner polymers
Read more

Source: Barth Innovations

These Days in Business History

27 October
1969 - Nobel prize for economy awarded to John Tinbergen
1984 - Hepatitis virus is discovered
1997 - Intel Corp buys Digital Equipment for $700 million

28 October
1904 - St Louis police try a new investigation method - the fingerprints
1954 - Nobel prize for literature awarded to Ernest Hemingway
1986 - International Red Cross ousted from South Africa

29 October
1929 - The New York Stock Exchange crashes in what will be called the Crash of '29 or "Black Tuesday", ending the Great Bull Market of the 1920s and beginning the Great Depression
1947 - Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherland form Benelux Union
1952 - Sweden begins experimental TV
2008 - Delta Air Lines merges with Northwest Airlines, creating the world's largest airline and reducing the number of US legacy carriers to five

30 October
1894 - Daniel Cooper patents time clock
1987 - August A Busch III becomes CEO of St Louis Cards
1989 - Mitsubishi Estate Co. agrees to pay $846 million for 51% of Rockefeller Center in New York City; by 1996, the Mitsubishi affiliate is so financially troubled that it sells Rockefeller Center for less than $400 million


World Beer Cup 2016

October 2016:
06-08: Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2016 (Stockholm, Sweden)
06-08: Great American Beer Festival 2016 (Denver, USA)
08-10: Brouwplus 2016 (Antwerp, Belgium)
11-14: China Brew, China Beverage 2016 (Shanghai, China)
21-23: The Finest Spirits & Beer Convention 2016 (Bochum, Germany)

November 2016:
08-10: Brau Beviale 2016 (Nuremberg, Germany)
09-12: Vietfood & Beverage - ProPack 2016 (Hanoi, Vietnam)

December 2016:
15-17: drink technology India 2016 (Mumbai, India)

February 2017:
01-03: Finest Spirits 2017 (Munich, Germany)
04-05: Bruges Beer Festival 2017 (Bruges, Belgium)
10-12: Brau Kunst Live 2017 (Munich, Germany)
10-13: HoReCa 2017 (Athens, Greece)
17-19: Mondial de la Biere 2017 (Mulhouse, France)
18-21: Beer Attraction 2017 (Rimini, Italy)
22-25: CAMRA's National Winter Ales Festival 2017 (Norwich, UK)
23-25: Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair 2017 (Dublin, Ireland)
28-02 March: Beviale Moscow 2017 (Moscow, Russia)

March 2017:
08-10: Expo Antad & Alimentaria Mexico 2017 (Mexico City, Mexico)
16-18: BeerX 2017 (Sheffield, UK)
24-26: Barcelona Beer Festival 2017 (Barcelona, Spain)

April 2017:
07-08: Helsinki Beer Festival 2017 (Helsinki , Finland)
10-13: Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2017 (Washington, D.C., USA)
12-14: Siberian Beer 2017 (Novosibirsk, Russia)
22-23: Zythos Beer Festival 2017 (Leuven, Belgium)

May 2017:
14-18: EBC 2017 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
25-27: South Beer Cup 2017 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

June 2017:
06-07: Brewing Equipment and Technology 2017 (Birmingham, UK)
14-18: Mondial de la Biere 2017 (Montreal, Canada)

More events are available on site www.e-malt.com

News Articles

Brewery news USA: Craft beer market may be starting to get stale
The craft beer market, for years the lone bright spot in an otherwise sluggish industry, is starting to get stale, Bloomberg reported on October 28.

Sales growth is slowing, once-thriving brewers are laying off workers and the proliferation of new brands all competing for attention hearkens back to the dime-a-dozen startups from the web’s early days. On October 28, the world’s biggest brewer, Budweiser maker Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, acknowledged the slowdown for the first time, saying the sector has been decelerating for more than three months.

While many craft brands are still thriving, and few analysts expected the category’s supercharged growth to continue unabated, the cooling market isn’t welcome news for a brewing sector that’s desperate for growth. Mass-market beers such as Budweiser and Coors Light have been suffering for years, and AB InBev now expects U.S. industry volumes to decline this year versus previous expectations of an improvement.

“There’s a natural point where it can’t grow anymore and this might be it,” Anthony Bucalo, an analyst at HSBC, said by phone. “Consumers are overwhelmed by too much choice; the industry has been swamped. There’s too many brands, too many styles, not enough quality.”

Some of the early pioneers of the craft-beer movement in ...More info on site

Brewery news Canada, SK: Saskatchewan government announces changes in markup structure for brewers
It will soon be easier for brewers in Saskatchewan to sell more beer, CBC.ca reported on October 28.

On October 27, the provincial government announced that the markup structure for beer manufacturers will change on Nov. 1.

There are markups for all beer products sold in the province. Currently, small manufacturers have to pay a lot as their production volumes grow.

The change will see the markups decrease.

A release from the Great Western Brewing Company explained that the change for them — as they produce between 20,001 and 200,000 hectolitres — will result in the markup decreasing to C$0.75 per litre from C$1.42 per litre. One hectolitre is equal to 100 litres.

Jeremy Harrison, minister responsible for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, explained that a big part of the change was due to Alberta's increase in taxes on out-of-province brewers, which he called, "nothing less than a declaration of war on Saskatchewan-produced beer".

"What you're seeing today, it's a free-market response that's going to allow our craft and regional brewers to continue to grow, to continue to build."

Harrison said he hopes cutting the tax in half for craft and regional brewers will result in lower prices for consumers, more choice and more opportunity.

Great Western ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MN: Hoops Brewing aiming at spring opening in Duluth
Master Brewer Dave Hoops, formerly of Fitger’s Brewhouse, is opening a brewery and beer hall in Duluth’s Canal Park in spring of 2017, The Growler reported.

The project, a culmination of years of experience and planning, will be called Hoops Brewing, and will occupy the former Timber Lodge Steakhouse space in The Suites Hotel building at 325 Lake Avenue South in Duluth, Minnesota. The 9,000-square-foot space will house a state of the art Sprinkman brewhouse and 250-seat beer hall.

“I’ve always wanted to build a boutique brewery and I’m doing this the way I dreamed of doing it,” says Hoops. “I don’t have any aspirations of being real large. I want to be a destination beer hall, really servicing local, very limited distribution.”

Hoops, a decades-long veteran of the brewing industry, left Fitger’s Brewhouse in September of 2015 and started a craft beer consulting firm called Bev-Craft with former Fitger’s Brewhouse partner Tim Nelson, Tim’s brother Brad Nelson (also a former Fitger’s employee), and Paul Christensen. Hoops will stay on as a lead consultant at the firm and noted that, “Bev-Craft was integral in the planning and execution of this brewery.”

Though Hoops himself will be doing some brewing, he is also bringing on ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, TX: Armadillo Ale Works facility under construction in Denton
A new craft beer brewery is under construction on Bell Avenue in Denton, courtesy of the boys at Armadillo Ale Works, Yianni Arestis and Bobby Mullins. The duo met at UNT after attending some local shows and drinking beer together, North Texas Daily reported on October 28.

The 18,000 square foot building and 2,000 square feet of outdoor space, which used to be Sanford Muffler and Automotive, will transform into a craft beer haven by spring 2017.

Mullins, co-founder and chief brewmaster at Armadillo, said he was introduced to craft beer after working at Metzler’s Food and Beverage while he went to school. He then began his startup in craft beer when his brother bought him a homebrewing kit to try his wits on. Those first few trial runs peaked his curiosity in craft beer, and he said things took off from there.

“I started making it in college, and it was terrible, but I was in college and my friends didn’t care because it was free beer,” Mullins said, joking about his first attempts at craft beer.

Throughout college, Mullins noticed Denton beginning to explore craft beers, with more bars here and there serving special brews. Until recently, however, the town didn’t have ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, NY: Ellicottville Brewing Co. eyeing vacant building in Little Valley for its new expansion project
Ellicottville Brewing Co. has Little Valley on tap for its latest expansion project, Buffalo Business First reported on October 27.

Fresh off opening its third location in Bemus Point in Chautauqua County, Ellicottville Brewing is eying a vacant building in the heart of Little Valley, also in Cattaraugus County where the brewer is based. The latest development would include a brewery and adjoining tasting room and an outdoor concert venue and a museum that would focus on the history of local and regional craft brewers.

The project carries a $5.5 million development price tag and could see Ellicottville Brewing Co. hire as many as 30 new workers.

“This project hits on many economic development silos,” said Corey Wiktor, County of Cattaraugus Industrial Development Agency.

The CCIDA is working with Peter Kreinheder, Ellicottville Brewing Co. founder, on a variety of incentives. The IDA is expected to vote on the plan next month.

Wiktor said the project qualifies for tax breaks because it is manufacturing based but also has a tourism, agri-business and adaptive re-use attributes.

Additionally, it will bring a vacant, two-story, 75,000-square-foot building in Little Valley back to life while creating new jobs in the small town. Little Valley is less than 10 miles from Ellicottville.

“Anyway ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, NC: Lucky City Brewing planning out business in Reidsville
A business plan has been brewing downtown and the Reidsville City Council showed its support during their Oct. 11 council meeting.

Within the next five years as per the contract, the empty property at 228 Gilmer Street is set to become home to the cooperative microbrewery Lucky City Brewing, the Rockingham County Arts Council and the Theatre Guild of Rockingham County.

“If you can imagine, the bottom floor would be a bustling microbrewery with visitors and residents having a good time,” said Reidsville Economic Development Director Jeff Garstka. “Upstairs, (guests would find an) art gallery; possibly artist-in-residency type space, possibly a small black box theatre at some point, just a number of things that really go hand in hand with what’s going to go on the first floor.”

Lucky City Brewing President and experienced homebrewer Eric Smith noted that this plan is to help bring together local arts into one space.

“Craft beer kind of paints a picture on your pallet so to speak, but we want people to be able to look at visual arts and performing arts and everything else while they’re in town, to bring the arts to downtown Reidsville,” he said.

In planning out this business, Smith drew inspiration from Burlington-based ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MI: East West Brewing Co. plans to open in Grand Rapids in a month
The Eastown Business District in Grand Rapids is poised to get its second brewery, MiBiz reported on October 28.

East West Brewing Co., a 2,000-square-foot pub focusing on traditional American-style beers, plans to open by Dec. 1 at 1400 Lake Dr. SE, next to the popular Bombay Cuisine. The two concepts share a building and common ownership, but will be operated separately.

“I’ve wanted to do this for nine years but have always said, ‘No, that’s too much,’” said owner Balwinder Bal.

As Bal, 59, continued to become more interested in craft beer and brewing, the temptation proved too much, he said, noting he’s a fan of IPAs.

“I’m really into craft beer,” Bal said. “This has been a dream of mine.”

East West Brewing Co. will offer 10 in-house beer taps including brown ales, IPAs and amber ales, and the brewery eventually plans to experiment with uniquely spiced offerings.

“It’s going to get a little exciting,” Bal said of his beer, noting that he will try to source as many local ingredients as possible.

To help launch the brewery, Bal tapped Teo Watson-Ahlbrandt, a brewing consultant from Ann Arbor who has worked with the likes of Marshall-based Dark Horse Brewing Co. and Big Hart Brewery in ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, OH: Rivertown Brewing Company receives approval for its Monroe location
Rivertown Brewing Company received official approval of its Monroe Brewer’s Notice from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau on Monday, October 24 – a key piece of the puzzle as completion of the 25, 875 square foot building is still on track with original projections for late 2016 and a grand opening celebration after the holiday season, Brewbound.com reported.

The brewery, currently operating in Lockland, Ohio, announced that it was building a second facility from the ground up in the fall of 2015. The Monroe facility, located at 6550 Hamilton Lebanon Road, will host the bulk of Rivertown’s production for distribution to seven states, their sour beer program, laboratory, business offices, 30-tap bar and BBQ restaurant complete with a patio and two acre beer garden. A number of new 200 bbl and 100 bbl fermenters as well as a custom-built Italian 50 bbl fouder are set to be delivered to Monroe in early November. As the building continues to take shape, so does the team that will be responsible for managing its 350+ guests.

Brewery news USA, WI: Thumb Knuckle Brewing Co. to become Kewaunee County’s second craft brewery
Something’s brewing between New Franken and Luxemburg, and it smells like beer, Green Bay Press Gazette reported on October 28.

A trio of partners have spent the last four months renovating the former 54 Run bar in Walhain into Kewaunee County’s second craft brewery, Thumb Knuckle Brewing Co., E0208 State 54, Walhain.

Ed Thiry, Dain Treml and Jesse Ledvina have given 54 Run’s bar and indoor volleyball court a top-to-bottom makeover to make room for the brewery operation and tap room. Thiry said they expect to pour their first customer a cold beer sometime in December.

“We’ve completely renovated the tap room. There’s a rustic feel to the tap room,” he said. “It’s a comfortable, laid back place to relax, enjoy a beer and sample some food.”

Thiry said Thumb Knuckle — named for the brewery’s location on the hand-shaped map of Wisconsin — will offer a small food menu, but will largely focus on beer. They plan to brew four core beers to start: A Bavarian-style Helles lager, a Belgian witbier, an IPA and a smoked porter that Thiry says is really good.

“As soon as we can, we plan to add to that assortment,” Thiry said. “We’re hoping we can get our tax ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MD: Diamondback Brewing Company to launch in Baltimore on November 4
For nearly 100 years, the plant at 1215 E. Fort Avenue in Baltimore has been churning out foodstuffs—first Coca-Cola syrup, then Phillips Seafood products—and the latest company to inhabit the historic building will follow suit, Baltimore Magazine reported on October 28.

Next Friday, November 4, Diamondback Brewing Company will open its doors to the public with a 7,000-square-foot facility including a 50-seat taproom, all completely renovated while keeping a nod to its industrial past in mind. This will be Diamondback's first real home, since it was previously contracting out of facilities in St. Michael's and Sterling, Virginia.

"We were brewing out of these facilities that were never really ours," said Colin Marshall, who co-founded Diamondback in 2014 with Tom Foster and Francis Smith. "We're going from quantity focused to more quality focused."

The brewery's 8.5 barrel brewhouse includes 17 barrel fermenters and a pilot system to test out small-batch releases. Diamondback is hoping to produce 2,000 barrels within its first year, starting with their brand new Green Machine IPA and Azacca Blonde Ale.

Heading up the production will be Tim Heath, a former space engineer at Northrup Grumman and brewer at Fairhope Brewing Company in Alabama, who recently moved back to Baltimore.

"Tim was able ...More info on site

Brewery newsWorld: AB InBev reports weak Q3 results and cuts guidance for full-year revenue
Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewer, reported on October 28 one of its weakest quarters in years as margins collapsed in recession-hit Brazil under ...More info on site

Brewery newsBrazil: Ambev SA expects no net revenue growth this year
Ambev SA expects no net revenue growth this year and will cut investments, reflecting the challenges facing Latin America's largest beverage maker as the ...More info on site

Brewery newsVietnam: Investors rush to buy newly-listed Habeco shares
Vietnam's Habeco saw its stock soar 40 percent on its market debut on October 28 as investors raced to snap up limited shares before ...More info on site

Barley newsChina: Malting barley imports in 2017 may reach 3.5 mln tonnes, analysts believe
Barley imports, feed and malting, into China in July/August were 837,000 tonnes, of which 600,000 tonnes from Australia, H. M. Gauger GmbH said in ...More info on site

Brewery newsPeru: January-August beer imports increase 35%
Peru's beer imports posted 35% growth in January-August 2016 over the same period last year, Lima's Chamber of Commerce (CCL) reported on October 27.

"Given ...More info on site

Barley newsDenmark & Sweden & Finland: Barley crop quality reported as good this year
Coceral’s spring barley estimates are 3.2 mln tonnes in Denmark and 1.5 mln tonnes in Sweden. Yields per hectare are sharply down from last ...More info on site

Brewery news South Korea: Oriental Brewery decides to hike prices of its beers by an average 6%
Oriental Brewery (OB) has decided to hike the prices of Cass and its other beer brands by an average 6 percent effective Nov. 1, placing a heavier financial burden on low-income households, the Korea Times reported on October 28.

Hite-Jinro, Lotte Chilsung and other beer makers are expected to follow suit although company officials have remained mum about when and by how much they would raise prices.

OB, the country's largest brewer owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), said on October 28 that it will increase the factory price of a 500-milliliter bottle of its flagship Cass beer by 6 percent to 1,147 won ($1) from the current 1,082 won.

This is the first time OB or other brewers have hiked prices since August 2012 when they charged nearly 6 percent more. Over the past year, beer producers have been seeking to raise prices to cope with higher costs of labor, logistics and raw materials. But no company was willing to make the first move.

"We had no choice but to hike the prices of our products by 6 percent because of rising costs, associated with the recycling of used bottles," an OB official said. "Not to mention the soaring prices of raw materials ...More info on site

Brewery news UK: AB InBev’s takeover of SABMiller is a cause for concern for Great Britain’s Campaign for Real Ale
At present, the British real ale market is flourishing, with more than 200 breweries opening in the past year, making a total of 1,540, writes Neville Grundy.

The storm cloud on the horizon is the £80 bln merger this month of the world’s two biggest brewers, AB InBev and SABMiller, who have already moved into the London craft sector.

In 2015, SABMiller bought the respected Meantime Brewery in Greenwich.

As a result of subsequent takeovers, Meantime has since been sold to Asahi of Japan. A popular local brewery is now a commodity to be traded internationally.

AB InBev has bought another London craft brewery, Camden Town, and it’s planning to make it a leading player in the capital’s beer sector, using its marketing muscle to undercut competitors. Big corporations slash costs by bulk buying of raw materials, at enormous discounts, and cutting jobs.

The merger will save around £1 billion, resulting in cheaper beer that drives other beers off bar and supermarket shelves, cutting 575 UK jobs in the process.

CAMRA’s Roger Protz said: “The way in which the global brewers are muscling in on the craft sector in Britain and other countries is a cause for concern and a potential threat to the independent sector.”

Real ...More info on site

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