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E-Malt.com Newsletter 48b
November 27 - November 30, 2014

Quote of the Week

"No soldier can fight unless he is properly fed on beef and beer."
John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough

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Currency Rates

Base Currency: US Dollar
on November 28, 2014
Base Currency: Canadian Dollar
on November 28, 2014
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Currency Rates Chart

Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Barley news USA & Canada: Barley forecasts may be further revised downward ...Click here
Barley news USA: Cash barley prices remain soft despite lower harvest ...Click here
Brewery news Canada, ON: Nita Beer Company to open in Ottawa ...Click here
Brewery news Canada, ON: The Hamilton Brewery opens in Hamilton ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MI: Founders Brewing secures funds for expansion ...Click here
Brewery news USA, CO: Three Barrel Brewing opens new location ...Click here
Brewery news Canada, ON: Split Rail Brewing aims opening by summer 2015 ...Click here
Brewery news USA & UK: Jarrow Brewery plans to export its beers to the USA ...Click here
Brewery news USA, NC: Open Brewing to open in Asheville at the beginning of December ...Click here
World News
Malt news World: Global barley malt trade expected to increase in 2014/15 ...Click here
Brewery news Africa: SABMiller and Coca-Cola agree on Africa deal ...Click here
Brewery news Vietnam: Vietnamese beverage industry becoming investment target for foreign companies ...Click here
Brewery news East Timor: Government approves Heineken’s proposal to build a brewery in East Timor ...Click here
Brewery news Poland: Beer becomes most popular alcoholic beverage in Poland ...Click here
Brewery news World: Carlsberg announces changes at its Executive Committee ...Click here
Brewery news Ethiopia: Raya Brewery Share Company set to launch new brand by 2015 ...Click here
Brewery news Venezuela: Beer tax to remain unchanged at 15% ...Click here
Brewery news UK: Pub closure figures now lower than previously thought, report shows ...Click here
Graph of the Week

Table of the Week

Eastern Europe Beer Production 2000 - 2013s

Table of the week.

Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Canadian Malting and Feed Barley Prices

US Malting and Feed Barley Prices

French Malting and Feed Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

Canadian Malt Prices

US Malt Prices

Theoretical EU Malt Prices

Scientific Digest

A holistic story about hops

We know a lot has been written about hops. This review shows there is still a huge amount of information covering hop chemistry and nomenclature we are not aware of. Furthermore, the different hop resins found in the lupulin glands of the hop cones are discussed in detail. The major hop bitter acids (alpha- and beta-acids) and the latest findings on the absolute configuration of the cis and trans iso-alpha-acids are discussed. Special attention is given to the hard resins; the known delta-resin is reviewed and the epsilon-resin is introduced. Recent data on the bittering potential and the antimicrobial properties of both hard resin fractions are disclosed. Also hop aroma components and hop derived polyphenols and their potential health benefits are addressed.
Read more

Source: Barth Innovations

These Days in Business History

November 27
1895 Alfred Nobel establishes Nobel Prize
1962 1st test flight of the Boeing 727 takes place

November 28
1895 The Chicago Times-Herald sponsors the first automobile race in U.S. history. The winner's average speed clocks in at roughly 7 mph
1946 1st Polaroid camera sold

November 29
1775 Sir James Jay invents invisible ink
1877 Thomas Edison demonstrates hand-cranked phonograph
1993 CNN/fn, the financial network by Turner Enterprises, launched

November 30
1886 1st commercially successful AC electric power plant opens, Buffalo
1924 1st photo facsimile transmitted across Atlantic by radio (London-NYC)
1983 Police free kidnapped beer magnate Alfred Heineken in Amsterdam
2005 First human face transplant is performed in France


November 2014:
11-13: Brau Beviale 2014 (Nuremberg, Germany)
12-14: Vietbrew 2014 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
20-23: Mondial de la Biere Rio 2014 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

January 2015:
17-21: RHEX - Rimini Horeca Expo 2015 (Rimini, Italy)

February 2015:
10-12: International Brewing Awards 2015
11-14: National Winter Ales Festival 2015 (Derby, UK)

March 2015:
11-14: Brazilian Beer Festival - Festival Brasileiro da Cerveja 2015 (Blumenau, Brazil)
20-21: BeerX 2015 2015 (Sheffield, UK)
31 March - 02 April: ProPak Vietnam 2015 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

April 2015:
14-17: Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2015 (Portland, USA)
21-23: Brewer (Pivovar) 2015 (Moscow, Russia)
25-26: Zythos 2015 (Leuven, Belgium)

May 2015:
06-08: bevtec Asia 2015 (Bangkok, Thailand)
07-23: The Czech Beer Festival 2015 (Prague, the Czech Republic)
19-22: Beer (Pivo) 2015 (Sochi, Russia)
24-28: EBC 2015 (Porto, Portugal)
26-28: Alimentaria Mexico 2015 (Mexico City, Mexico)
28-30: Copenhagen Beer Festival 2015 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
28-31: Latvia Beer Fest 2015 (Riga, Latvia)

June 2015:
10-14: Mondial de la Biere 2015 (Montreal, Canada)

July 2015:
01-04: Ollesummer 2015 (Tallinn, Estonia)
15-17: Brasil Brau 2015 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

August 2015:
11-15: The Great British Beer Festival 2015 (London, UK)

September 2015:
19 September - 14 October: Oktoberfest 2015 (Munich, Germany)

More events are available on site www.e-malt.com

News Articles

Barley newsUSA & Canada: Barley forecasts may be further revised downward
Barley crop forecasts of 7.0 mln tons in Canada and of 4.0 mln tons in the U.S. may be revised downward in the upcoming ...More info on site

Barley newsUSA: Cash barley prices remain soft despite lower harvest
Despite a lower than expected barley harvest across the United States, cash barley prices remain soft due to adequate carryover inventory and solid contracting ...More info on site

Brewery news Canada, ON: Nita Beer Company to open in Ottawa
Nita Beer Company is getting set to open in Ottawa in early 2015, Canadian Beer News reported on November, 26.

Owned by namesake brewer Andy Nita, his wife Bridget Carey, and a number of investors, Nita will be located in an industrial plaza in the city’s Nepean section.

The brewery will be launching with two core brands – Ten12, a 5% abv beer and OPA, a 6% abv IPA.

Nita Beer Company is planned to open on Saturday, January 10th, 2015.

Brewery news Canada, ON: The Hamilton Brewery opens in Hamilton
The Hamilton Brewery launched in Hamilton, Ontario, with the first pints of its flagship beer being poured on this week at one of the city’s best known craft beer venues, Canadian Beer News reported on November, 27.

Blue Collar Pale Ale has its debut at the Casbah Lounge as part of a combination launch party and Movember benefit.

While Blue Collar is currently being brewed under contract elsewhere in Ontario while Pyper works toward opening a physical brewery in Hamilton, he notes that “glasses, tap handles, apparel, coasters, and a host of other products and services” for the brewery are being sourced in Hamilton whenever possible.

Brewery news USA, MI: Founders Brewing secures funds for expansion
Founders Brewing has secured funds from the Michigan Business Development Program for its $40.4mln expansion plan, The Drinks Business Review reported on November, 26.

The company will receive $250,000 in performance-based grants.

Upon completion, the expansion will allow the brewery to produce nearly 900,000 barrels of beer annually.

Commenting on the expansion, Founders Brewing executive chairman John Green said: "The idea is clearly to continue to invest in Grand Rapids and that one location, have all employees under one roof for efficiencies.”

"There may be a day in the future we look beyond Grand Rapids, but we have a lot of room for growth."

Earlier this month, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced over $1.36mln for a $3mln project to improve highway access to the brewery.

Founders Brewing anticipates to distribute 200,000 barrels in 2014 and 300,000 barrels in 2015.

Brewery news USA, CO: Three Barrel Brewing opens new location
The soft opening of Three Barrel Brewing’s new location took place on Wednesday, Nov. 19 and was well attended with a full house, delnorteprospector.com reported on November, 26.

An official grand opening celebration will be announced soon; the new location is now open to the public.

Brewmasters John Bricker and Will Kreutzer have been very busy the last few months after purchasing the former Gateway Motors building and remodelling it into a stylish industrial themed craft beer heaven.

The original location will no longer be open to the public, but will be the site of brewing the high-end specialty sour ales. The core ales that Three Barrel is known for will be brewed on site at the new location, and patrons can view the process through windows strategically placed in the restaurant between the serving area and brewery.

One of Colorado’s smallest breweries, this family-owned and operated establishment is first class in brews, food and service.

Brewery news Canada, ON: Split Rail Brewing aims opening by summer 2015
The long-gestating Split Rail Brewing has secured a location for its brewery, and is aiming to be open by next summer, Canadian Beer News reported on November, 20.

Co-owner Andrea Smith said that she and partner Eleanor Charlton will be setting up their facility in Gore Bay, a small town on Ontario’s Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron.

Smith indicates that the summer 2015 opening is dependent on a number of factors, as the company is still looking for investors and sourcing financing, but they hope to be ready to launch on time.

The initial beer from Split Rail Brewing will be a Copper Lager, with additional brands including a hawberry wheat beer planned to follow soon after.

Brewery news USA & UK: Jarrow Brewery plans to export its beers to the USA
The largest small brewery from the North East of England is set to target the growing American real ale market following a heady first year in its new premises, thejournal.co.uk reported on November, 27.

Having marked a strong year making distribution gains in the North East heartland trading area as well as significant gains made nationally with wholesalers, national breweries and pub companies, Jarrow Brewery is looking to the US as a potentially lucrative market.

Mike Berriman, sales and marketing manager, said: “So our aspirations in terms of the company is that the North East is our heartland trading area and by far the most important market for us.

“Outside of that our plans are to sell into the national market place and then to look at export markets.

“The founder Jess is in the UKTI passport export scheme and I’m very keen to export, to countries including Ireland and the States.

“Some 70% of all British beer exported goes to the US but it can be difficult because there are 50 different states – effectively 50 different countries – so you have to pick an area and concentrate on it.

“We’ll look at the Eastern seaboard because there are a lot of ex-pats who are ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, NC: Open Brewing to open in Asheville at the beginning of December
Open Brewing, South Asheville’s newest brewery and brand new concept in the craft beer world, is set to open its doors officially on Wednesday, December 3rd, craftbeer.com reported on November, 26.

Conceptualized by Thirsty Monk owner, Barry Bialik, Open Brewing will serve as the first commercial brewpub in the country dedicated to “open-source brewing,” an incubator for homebrewers to “guest brew,” under the mentorship of professional Brewmaster, Norm Penn. For beer lovers, Open Brewing will be a cozy neighborhood taproom focused on the craft of making unique, small batch beers.

Open Brewing will have 10 taps, including a Strong Scotch Ale, brewed by MALT homebrew club co-founder, Dave Keller; a Foreign Extra Stout brewed by Blue Ridge Brew Off Best in Show awardee, John Olson; and, a West IV, a Belgian session ale inspired by the rare Trappist Westvleteren beers, brewed by Mountain Xpress Beer Scout Thom O’Hearn, and local homebrewer Matt Kane. Also on tap, will be a few of Norm’s experimental beers, including his Honeybadger Honey Brown Ale, Must Love Coconuts Coconut IPA, and more.

“We’ve had a great reception to this idea so far, from brewers and the South Asheville community, and we’re excited to create a new ...More info on site

Malt newsWorld: Global barley malt trade expected to increase in 2014/15
According to IGC’s October report, global barley malt trade in 2014/15 will amount to 6.93 mln tonnes (in grain equivalent) vs. 6.872 mln in ...More info on site

Brewery newsAfrica: SABMiller and Coca-Cola agree on Africa deal
SABMiller and Coca-Cola are creating Africa’s largest soft drink bottling operation with annual sales of $2.9 bln as they seek to tap more of ...More info on site

Brewery newsVietnam: Vietnamese beverage industry becoming investment target for foreign companies
The big brands in the beverage industry of Vietnam are becoming an investment target for foreign investors, VietNamNet Bridge reported on November 26.

According to ...More info on site

Brewery newsEast Timor: Government approves Heineken’s proposal to build a brewery in East Timor
The government of Timor-Leste (East Timor) has approved a proposal to build a brewery presented by Heineken Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. involving an investment ...More info on site

Brewery newsPoland: Beer becomes most popular alcoholic beverage in Poland
Poland might be known for its vodka production, but beer has overtaken it in becoming the most popular alcoholic beverage, says a report by ...More info on site

Brewery news World: Carlsberg announces changes at its Executive Committee
Carlsberg Group announced on November 27 that Dr. Isaac Sheps, Senior Vice President for the Carlsberg Group’s Eastern Europe region and CEO of Baltika since December 2011, and Anne-Marie Skov, Senior Vice President for Group Corporate Affairs since 2004, have decided to step down from Carlsberg’s Executive Committee.

Both are at a stage in their lives where they want more flexibility and free time. However, they will both continue to contribute to Carlsberg in new roles, Carlsberg said.

Isaac Sheps is succeeded by Jacek Pastuszka, currently CEO of Ringnes in Norway. The new CEO for Ringnes will be Søren Brinck, currently Vice President for Business Development in the Western Europe region. Anne-Marie Skov is succeeded by Andraea Dawson-Shepherd, who joins Carlsberg from a global position as Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications & Affairs at RB plc (formerly Reckitt Benckiser Group plc).

The changes in the Executive Committee will take effect as of 1 January 2015.

New Executive Committee members

Jacek Pastuszka has been with Carlsberg since 2009, and previously held senior commercial positions at AIG, Danone and P&G. As CEO of Carlsberg Polska, he made the company into one of the best-performing in Carlsberg’s Western Europe region, including an excellent execution of activities ...More info on site

Brewery news Ethiopia: Raya Brewery Share Company set to launch new brand by 2015
Raya Brewery Share Company, a new brewery established by BGI Brewery of St. George Beer and 2,440 shareholders, is set to launch its new brand, Raya Beer by the new year 2015, said company officials.

Atakilti Kiros, CEO of Raya Brewery, told journalists at a gathering to hand over certificate of ownership to shareholders at Elelye Hotel on November 25, that the factory with an estimated cost of 1.7 billion birr ($85 million) will be able to produce 600,000 hectolitres or 180,000 bottles annually.

“The first construction footing started last November, and in the current state with all machineries installed, 98 percent of the work has been completed,” stated Kiros, adding that testing of the various alcoholic products to be put to the market has already started.

The shareholders contribution is 600 million birr ($30 million) including BGI with 42%, while the rest was obtained in the form the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) loan.

However, he acknowledged that several challenges will remain for the brewery industry and particularly for Raya, which needs 36 different brewery and Packaging materials, with most coming from abroad at the expense of hard fought foreign currency.

The Raya Factory is located near the northern city of Maichew, ...More info on site

Brewery news Venezuela: Beer tax to remain unchanged at 15%
Pursuant to the amended Law on Alcohol Tax, the tax imposed on beer in Venezuela will remain at 15%, El Universal reported on November 25.

The tax rate on wine increased from 15% to 35% and that on the other alcoholic beverages grew from 20% to 50%. The new tax rates will become effective as of February 2015, as announced in the Extraordinary Gazette number 6,151.

Such higher rates are expected to provide 0.17% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to the Venezuelan tax authorities, the Executive Office estimated.

Brewery news UK: Pub closure figures now lower than previously thought, report shows
As the pub code legislation reached a critical stage in Parliament last week, new research shows that recent pub closure figures in the leased/tenanted sector are five per week, much lower than previously thought, and show that statutory intervention that would damage the pub trade and risk a return to far higher closure rates is not needed, says the BBPA.

The figures, which cover the year to September 2014, were prepared from a survey of BBPA members operating nearly one-third of all pubs and analysed by leading economic analysts, Oxford economics.

Whilst no analysis of the independent pub sector was undertaken, as noted in the report, the figures also correspond with analysis of the Valuation Office Agency ratings database which suggests a closure rate of around 13 per week for the whole sector based on the number of outlets classified as pubs in the database compared to a year ago.

Brigid Simmonds, BBPA Chief Executive, comments:

“These figures reflect the increasing confidence we are now seeing in the pub sector, very much supported by Government action on beer duty, business rates and other measures introduced.

“However, we are now facing very important legislation which could affect Britain’s pubs for decades to come, and it is ...More info on site

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