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July 31 - August 03, 2014

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Currency Rates

Base Currency: Euro
on August 01, 2014
Base Currency: US Dollar
on August 01, 2014
      1 EUR = 1.3392 USD
1 EUR = 0.7926 GBP
1 EUR = 1.4604 CAD
1 EUR = 1.4388 AUD
1 EUR = 137.7060 JPY
1 EUR = 3.0232 BRL
1 EUR = 47.6890 RUB
1 EUR = 8.2681 CNY
      1 USD = 0.7468 EUR
1 USD = 0.5919 GBP
1 USD = 1.0905 CAD
1 USD = 1.0744 AUD
1 USD = 102.8310 JPY
1 USD = 2.2574 BRL
1 USD = 35.6101 RUB
1 USD = 6.1739 CNY

Currency Rates Chart

Equities of the Largest Breweries

Breweries Equities

Average Market Prices Change Trend

August 01, 2014
Type Crop 2014
2rs Barley 185.00-187.00 -
6rw Barley 161.00-163.00 down0.61%
2rs Malt 377.00-379.00 -
6rw Malt 347.50-349.50 down0.35%
Feed Barley 146.00-148.00 

Note: Just click here and you will be led to our Market Price History. These are average French barley market prices estimated on FOB Creil basis. The theoretical average malt prices are based FOB Antwerp being estimated on French malting barley. The changes are compared to last Newsletter's prices. Arrows indicate the direction of the change.

Top Industry News

Brewery news World: AB InBev’s second-quarter profit growth beats analysts’ estimates ...Click here
Brewery news Asia: Asia Pacific’s beer market expected to be worth USD 220.36 bln by 2020 ...Click here
Brewery news Germany: First-half beer sales up 4.4% helped by soccer World Cup ...Click here
Brewery news Brazil: AmBev posts Q2 net profit increase to 2.22 bln reais ...Click here
Brewery news World: Diageo’s full-year profit falls sharply on dramatic collapse of demand in China ...Click here

Barley news UK: Winter barley yields well above average ...Click here

More Industry News

Brewery news Australia: Analysts and investors waiting to know more about Coca-Cola Amatil chief’s strategy to re-enter beer market ...Click here
Brewery news India: Vijay Mallya might be forced to lose more of its holdings in United Breweries ...Click here
Brewery news Ireland: Net sales of Guinness down 3% over past year ...Click here
Brewery news China: AB InBev takes back distribution control of Corona Extra ...Click here
Brewery news USA: The Boston Beer Company announces 28% net revenue growth for Q2 2014 ...Click here
Barley news UK: Spring barley harvest underway ...Click here
Brewery news USA: MillerCoors introducing Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale this month ...Click here
Brewery news Botswana: SABMiller’s subsidiary won’t shut down its Botswana operations ...Click here

Graph of the week

Table of the week

North America Barley Import, Production, Consumption, and Ending Stocks

Table of the week.
Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

These Days in Business History

31 July
1790 1st US patent granted, to Samuel Hopkins for a potash process
1809 1st practical US railroad track (wooden, for horse-drawn cars), Phila
1925 Unemployment Insurance Act passed in England

01 August
1930 Clarence Birdseye is awarded a U.S. patent for the invention of packaged frozen food
1950 Steve Wozniak, future co-inventor of the Apple computer, is born
1981 Pres. Ronald Reagan signs into law the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, the biggest tax cut in American history, which streamlines the Federal income tax brackets, lowers the top rate to 36%, and creates the universally-deductible Individual Retirement Account

02 August
1858 1st street mailboxes-Boston, Mass.
1890 The BOVESPA (Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo, or Sao Paulo Stock Exchange), Brazil's central securities market, is founded
1984 Euro Court condemns phone-tapping
2000 The New York Stock Exchange begins trading in decimals, ending the two-century-old practice of pricing stocks in increments of 1/8th of a dollar

03 August
1887 Thomas Alva Edison receives a U.S. Patent for his new kinetoscope, the predecessor to the motion-picture camera
1977 Tandy Corp. introduces one of the earliest affordable personal computers, the TRS-80 (soon to be affectionately nicknamed the "Trash 80"). It has 4 (yes, four) kilobytes of memory, a black-and-white monitor, and uses floppy disks that truly flop when you shake them. It retails for just $599
1984 Total trading volume on the New York Stock Exchange exceeds 200 million for the first time, as 236,565,110 shares change hands


BreweryBrewery News Brewery

Brewery newsWorld: AB InBev’s second-quarter profit growth beats analysts’ estimates
Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, the world’s biggest brewer, reported on July 31 second-quarter profit growth that beat estimates as soccer World Cup-related beer sales in ...More info on site

Brewery newsAsia: Asia Pacific’s beer market expected to be worth USD 220.36 bln by 2020
According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research "Beer Market - Asia Pacific Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, ...More info on site

Brewery newsGermany: First-half beer sales up 4.4% helped by soccer World Cup
German beer sales rose by 4.4 percent in the year's first half, gaining froth from the beginning of the country's run to the soccer ...More info on site

Brewery newsBrazil: AmBev posts Q2 net profit increase to 2.22 bln reais
Companhia de Bebidas das Americas, or AmBev, on July 31 reported an increase in its net profit in the second quarter, as its sales ...More info on site

Brewery newsWorld: Diageo’s full-year profit falls sharply on dramatic collapse of demand in China
Americans are drinking cheaper vodka and Chinese consumers are giving up high-end Scotch whisky. Both trends are bad news for Diageo, the world's biggest ...More info on site

Brewery newsAustralia: Analysts and investors waiting to know more about Coca-Cola Amatil chief’s strategy to re-enter beer market
Recently appointed Coca-Cola Amatil chief Alison Watkins was scheduled to attend on July 30 her first board meeting of the bottler’s brewing joint venture ...More info on site

Brewery news India: Vijay Mallya might be forced to lose more of its holdings in United Breweries
Vijay Mallya, UB Group chairman who has painted himself into a corner over debts for his now-grounded Kingfisher Airlines, might be forced to shed some of his holdings in United Breweries, the maker of India's largest-selling beer, Kingfisher, Business Standard reported on August 1.

Mallya holds a 32.86 per cent stake in United Breweries, after having ceded control to Dutch brewer Heineken in December last year. He could lose another three per cent of his holdings, as a lender controlling 6.3 million pledged shares is seeking to recover its dues.

According to a regulatory disclosure by McDowell Holdings, a UB Group company that holds 4.05 per cent in United Breweries, it had provided corporate guarantees and created a pledge of 6.3 million shares in favour of a lender to secure debt and the total outstanding was Rs 496 crore.

"Three such borrowers have committed acts of defaults and the lender has demanded repayment of a sum of Rs 337.52 crore due from them. Simultaneously, the lender has invoked corporate guarantees and exercised its right of pledge provided by the company to realise the above dues," McDowell Holdings said. The company added it was negotiating with the lender to restore the facility made available ...More info on site

Brewery news Ireland: Net sales of Guinness down 3% over past year
Net sales of Guinness declined 3% in Ireland over the past year, due to hot weather, significant rises in excise duties and the continuing shrinkage of the overall beer market in the country, Irish Examiner reported on August 1.

On a global basis, net sales of the Dublin-brewed stout fell by 1%, but a strong performance was seen in eastern Africa, where price rises drove net sales growth of 19%.

While growth was also evident in Indonesia, Guinness sales declined in Nigeria, its biggest single market, due to challenging market conditions — although a pick-up was noted in the second-half of the year.

“In Ireland on-trade, Guinness accounted for 30.6% of the value and 33% of the volume in the last 12 months.

“This means that one in three pints consumed is still a pint of Guinness. Smithwicks, meanwhile, has grown its value share of the long alcoholic drink market by 0.06 points over the last 12 months,” said Diageo Ireland chief David Smith.

While Diageo failed to meet analyst expectations with its full-year earnings figures (covering the 12 months to the end of June) on July 31, it noted generally good performances for its Irish brands — with Bushmills whiskey growing global sales by ...More info on site

Brewery news China: AB InBev takes back distribution control of Corona Extra
Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) took back distribution control of Corona Extra from Carlsberg in China as CEO Carlos Brito insists the brand will extend its ‘super premium’ position in the country, Beverage-Daily.com reported on August 1. AB InBev reported its Q2 2014 results on July 31 with total revenue up 5% to $12.2 bln and EBIT up 10.5% to $4.054 bln*, while normalized net profit grew 74% in the quarter to $2.614 bln.

The Corona family (Corona Extra and Corona Light) grew 5.3%, and AB InBev CEO Carlos Brito said the world’s largest brewer is progressively regaining control of the brand globally following its full takeover of Mexico’s Grupo Modelo in June 2013 – and taking it into new territories.

In Canada AB InBev regained the right to import, promote and sell the brand in March, recently took back control of Corona from Chilean brewer and soft drinks player CCU in Argentina and is poised to regain control in the UK from Molson Coors, where Brito is eyeing a “big market”, in January 2015.

“And in Brazil, it’s white territory for the brand. We’re going to launch it before the end of this year,” Brito said, adding that AB InBev was aiming to ...More info on site

Brewery news USA: The Boston Beer Company announces 28% net revenue growth for Q2 2014
In its second quarter earnings report, the Boston Beer Company on July 30 announced net revenue growth of 28 percent, an increase of $50.3 million over the same period last year.

Second quarter core shipment volume of approximately 1.1 million barrels represents growth of 25 percent over the same period last year. 13 week-depletions grew 23 percent while full-year depletions grew a record 28 percent versus 2013.

“We achieved depletions growth of 23 percent and record total depletions in the second quarter,” company founder and chairman Jim Koch said in a statement. “I am tremendously proud of the efforts of our employees in achieving this record, while maintaining a focus on brewing quality and innovation. We believe that our depletions growth is attributable to strong sales execution and support from our distributors and retailers as well as our quality beers and strong brands.”

As a result of product mix increases and the addition of new packages, Boston Beer’s gross margins decreased slightly to 53.1 percent (from the 53.6 percent it achieved in the second quarter of 2013).

Boston Beer estimates that, through July 19, year-to-date depletions are up 27 percent from the comparable period in 2013.

Despite the impressive depletions growth, however, The Samuel ...More info on site

Brewery news USA: MillerCoors introducing Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale this month
Blue Moon Brewing Co. is rolling out a new beer that offers a flavor of company founder Keith Villa's Mexican heritage, Milwaukee Business Journal reported on July 30.

Blue Moon, a Golden, Colo., unit of Chicago-based MillerCoors LLC, is introducing Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale in August. The beer is crafted with cinnamon, Belgian dark candy sugar and long-grain rice and is inspired by the traditional and popular Latin American drink known as horchata.

"Growing up in a Mexican family, I had horchata all the time when I was young, but then I rediscovered it in recent trips to Latin America," said Villa in a press release. "I wanted to develop a brew for adults that combined the refreshing and creamy attributes of the traditional horchata, so I'm beyond pleased that we finally made it a reality. It brings me great pride to introduce this brew into the market."

The new beer will be available Aug. 1 in limited supply in select cities in Texas, California, Colorado and New York. The beer will be included in fall and winter brewmaster sampler packs nationwide.

Blue Moon is part of MillerCoors' Tenth and Blake Beer Co., which markets craft beers, imports and ciders including Blue Moon, ...More info on site

Brewery news Botswana: SABMiller’s subsidiary won’t shut down its Botswana operations
Kgalagadi Breweries Limited (KBL), a subsidiary one of the world’s largest brewer SABMiller, says it won’t shut down its Botswana operations, Ventures Africa reported on August 1.

There were high speculations in the southern African nation in past recent months that SABMiller was planning to pull KBL out of Botswana because of huge losses it was making.

“The less money we make, the less money goes to government. Meanwhile, we will stay as long as we can,” KBL Managing Director Johan De Kock said.

“Our expenditures here are proof that we are here to stay. In similar circumstances, any other brewer would not have invested the way we are doing. We believe new technology will result in cost savings,” De Kock added.

BarleyBarley News Barley

Barley news UK: Winter barley yields well above average
Winter barley yields in the United Kingdom are well above average at 10.02 t/ha, according to national HGCA trial results. That is more than 1 t/ha better than the five-year average of 8.98 t/ha, Farmers’ Weekly reported on July 29.

“Six-row varieties on the HGCA Recommended List still head the table on yields, with the hybrid variety Volume achieving 106% compared to the control varieties, and the conventional variety KWS Meridian 105%,” said the HGCA’s Simon Oxley.

Two-row feed varieties were also performing well, with California at 103%, KWS Glacier 102% and KWS Tower 101%.

“Malting varieties are more about quality than yield, but Talisman has achieved yields of 97% and SY venture 95% to date.”

Candidate six-row conventional variety Daxor looked promising, with a score of 105%, with candidate two-row feed varieties KWS Infinity and Perseus at 101% and 100%, respectively.

“The five-year average yields provide a better representation of variety performance over a range of seasons,” said Dr Oxley.

“The six-row hybrid Volume (107%) remains the top performer, followed by the two-row feed varieties KWS Glacier (104%) and KWS Tower (104%).”

Barley news UK: Spring barley harvest underway
Spring barley harvest is underway across much of the UK, with the early Null-Lox varieties the first to be cut, Farmers’ Weekly reported on July 29.

Stuart Shand, sales director at Gleadell Agriculture, said it was one of the earliest harvests in a long time, with spring barley cut in all areas including North West England.

“Yields and quality are fantastic – we have had farmers reporting record yields with our new variety Chapeau, which is good news when we’ve got these low prices,” he said. “I think spring barley could be the crop of the year.”

Spring barley yields ranged from 6 t/ha on lighter land to 9.5 t/ha on better ground, with nitrogen contents between 1.4% and 1.6%, and screenings at 85-98% over a 2.5 mm sieve.

“The average of our Null-Lox samples is 14.4% moisture, 1.47% nitrogen, 93% screenings retained and 68 kg/hl,” said Mr Shand.

Winter barley yields and quality had also been extremely good, although some early crops had been poor.

“The early crops that burnt off had screenings as low as 40% retained – but feed barley samples are still averaging 65.3 kg/hl, including the rubbish.”

Malting quality was good, with all varieties averaging between 14.4% and 14.9% moisture, 65.3-67 kg/hl, ...More info on site

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