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E-Malt.com Newsletter 14a
March 31 - April 02, 2014

Quote of the Week

"It is precisely the possibility of realizing a dream that makes life interesting."
Paulo Coelho

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Equities of the Largest Breweries

Equities of the Largest Breweries

North America News
Brewery news USA: The Brewers Association releases annual top 50 craft and overall brewing companies lists ...Click here
Barley news Canada: Malt barley supplies sufficient to cover Canadian yearly demand ...Click here
Brewery news USA, KS: Tallgrass Brewing Company plans $5 mln brewery expansion ...Click here
Brewery news USA, WI: New Titletown Brewing production facility opening in Green Bay ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MT: Great Northern Brewing Company expanding in Whitefish ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MI & AZ: Founder Brewing Company is expanding distribution ...Click here
Brewery news USA, WI: Stillmank Brewing Company plans to open new facility this fall ...Click here
Brewery news USA, CO: Renegade Brewing to open a production brewery ...Click here
Brewery news USA, NY: Steuben Brewing Company to become fourth Keuka brewery ...Click here
Brewery news USA, MO: Torn Label Brewing Company opening in Kansas City ...Click here
World News
Brewery news Belgium & South Korea: AB InBev completes acquisition of Oriental Brewery ...Click here
Brewery news Brazil: Beer production increases in March and in Q1 this year ...Click here
Brewery news South Korea: Lotte Group’s entry in the beer market to challenge Oriental Brewery and HiteJinro’s positions ...Click here
Brewery news Romania: Beer market volume declines by 10% in 2013 ...Click here
Barley news UK: Barley availability revised 20 thousand tonnes higher ...Click here
Barley news France: Malting barley markets remain inactive, feed barley seeing higher demand recently ...Click here
Brewery news Germany: Carlsberg to appeal German Cartel Office’s fine ...Click here
Barley news France: Spring barley planting virtually completed ...Click here
Barley news Ukraine: Barley plantings progressing at the same pace as last year ...Click here
Brewery news South Africa: SABMiller looking to expand with new beer styles ...Click here
Brewery news Brazil: Government raises beer tax by around 1 cent an item ...Click here
Graph of the Week

Table of the Week

German Beer Market Overview

Table of the week.

Prices Evolution

Prices evolution

Barley Prices

Canadian Malting and Feed Barley Prices

US Malting and Feed Barley Prices

French Malting and Feed Barley Prices

Theoretical Malt Prices

Canadian Malt Prices

US Malt Prices

Theoretical EU Malt Prices

Scientific Digest

Tell me your genes and I tell you your traits...

Making advances for traits relevant to the brewing industry using traditional hop breeding is complex as most of the traits are quantitative in nature and are likely to be controlled by a large number of genes, each with small effects. Quantitative genetics is a method to describe the inheritance of quantitative traits. Key predictions from quantitative genetic analyses include the amount of heritable genetic variation in traits available for selection and estimates of correlations between traits. In hops, which are dioecious, quantitative genetic analysis has the added benefit of providing a means of assessing the genetic potential of male genotypes for traits expressed only in female plants (such as yield and chemistry). The information gained from quantitative genetic analysis will refine the hop breeding process - improving estimates of the gains that can be anticipated through selection methods, assisting with the development of clearly defined breeding aims for hop improvement, and improving the efficiency and accuracy of parental selection. Such techniques may appear somewhat distant from the organoleptic experience of hops in beer, but they do provide one of the tools required to access the full genetic potential of Humulus lupulus and underpin the development of the next generation of hop cultivars with desirable agronomic and organoleptic characteristics.
Read more

Source: Barth Innovations

These Days in Business History

March 31
1889 300m Eiffel Tower officially opens, commemorates French Revolution
1896 Whitcomb Judson, Chicago, patents a hookless fastening, also know as the zipper
1917 U.S. purchases Danish West Indies for $25M and renames them Virgin Islands

April 1
1778 Oliver Pollock, a New Orleans businessman, creates "$" symbol
1826 Samuel Mory patents internal combustion engine
1986 World oil prices dip below $10 a barrel

April 2
1850 City of Los Angeles incorporated
1875 Walter P. Chrysler is born in Wamego, Kansas. He goes on to found the Chrysler Corp. as successor corporation to the failing Maxwell Motor Car Co. in 1925 and to buy Dodge Brothers, Inc., in 1928
1961 The first patent for an integrated circuit is awarded to Fairchild Semiconductor's Robert Noyce, who later co-founds Intel Corp. with Gordon Moore


World Beer Cup 2014
World Beer Cup 2014 key dates:
-Call for Entries: Oct. 28, 2013-Nov. 1, 2013
-Judging: April 7-8, 2014 in Denver, Colorado
-Gala Awards Ceremony: April 11, 2014 in Denver, Colorado

April 2014:
07-08: World Beer Cup 2014 (Denver, USA)
08-11: Craft Brewers Conference 2014 (Denver, USA)
13-17: Trends in Brewing 2014 (Ghent, Belgium)
22-24: Pivovar (Brewer) 2014 (Moscow, Russia)

26-27: Zythos Beer Festival 2014 (Leuven, Belgium)

May 2014:
21-24: Pivo (Beer) 2014 (Sochi, Russia)
22-24: Copenhagen Beer Festival 2014 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

June 2014:
11-15: Mondial de la Biere 2014 (Montreal, Canada)

August 2014:
12-16: Great British Beer Festival 2014 (London, UK)

September 2014:
08-11: Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference 2014 - IBD Scottish Section (Glasgow, UK)
25-27: Drink Technology India 2014 (Mumbai, India)

October 2014:
13-16: China Brew and Beverage 2014 (Beijing, China)

November 2014:
11-13: Brau Beviale 2014 (Nuremberg, Germany)
12-14: Vietbrew 2014 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

More events are available on site www.e-malt.com

News Articles

Brewery news USA: The Brewers Association releases annual top 50 craft and overall brewing companies lists
The Brewers Association—the trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers—on March 31 released its annual lists of the top 50 craft and overall brewing companies in the U.S., based on beer sales volume and the craft brewer definition in 2013.

Of the top 50 overall brewing companies, 38 were small and independent craft brewing companies.

“In 2013, craft breweries reached new all-time highs in production volume and dollar sales,” said Bart Watson, staff economist, Brewers Association. “Beer lovers continue to demand high-quality, fuller-flavored and local beers from small and independent craft breweries.”

Top 50 Craft Brewing Companies (Based on 2013 beer sales volume) 1 Boston Beer Co. 2 Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 3 New Belgium Brewing Co. 4 Gambrinus 5 Lagunitas Brewing Co. 6 Deschutes Brewery 7 Bell's Brewery, Inc. 8 Duvel Moortgat USA 9 Brooklyn Brewery 10 Stone Brewing Co. 11 Matt Brewing Co. 12 Harpoon Brewery 13 Dogfish Head Craft Brewery 14 Shipyard Brewing Co. 15 Abita Brewing Co. 16 Firestone Walker Brewing Co. 17 Alaskan Brewing Co. 18 New Glarus Brewing Co. 19 SweetWater Brewing Co. 20 Great Lakes Brewing Co. 21 Anchor Brewing Co. 22 Long Trail Brewing Co. 23 Summit Brewing Co. 24 Oskar Blues Brewery 25 Full Sail Brewing Co. 26 Founders Brewing Co. 27 Rogue Ales 28 Victory Brewing Co. 29 Ballast Point Brewing Co. 30 Ninkasi Brewing Co. 31 Southern Tier Brewing Co. 32 ...More info on site

Barley newsCanada: Malt barley supplies sufficient to cover Canadian yearly demand
After seeing record yields in 2013, Canada could still be holding onto enough malt barley to supply the domestic industry for an entire year ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, KS: Tallgrass Brewing Company plans $5 mln brewery expansion
Tallgrass Brewing Co. has announced a $5 million expansion project which will allow it to to triple its brewing capacity. The company has acquired a 60,000-square-foot building in Manhattan, KS which it will convert into a brewery, Topeka Capital Journal reported on March 28.

The company expects to begin production at the new location in late 2014. The Neenan Co., of Fort Collins, Colo., will oversee the building’s conversion.

Tallgrass Brewing Co., headquartered in Manhattan, already is the largest brewery in Kansas. Its 2013 production exceeded 16,000 barrels, or 365,000 gallons, of beer. At full capacity, the new brewery will be capable of producing 100,000 barrels, or more than 3 million gallons of beer, each year. The building, a former call center near Manhattan’s regional airport, is on nine acres, allowing room for Tallgrass to expand in the future.

“This new and larger facility will give us the space and ability to be a dynamic and creative brewer of not only more beer, but also those specialty and limited-edition beers that we’ve been dreaming of making since we started the brewery,” said Jeff Gill, president and founder of Tallgrass.

Since switching from bottles to 16-ounce cans in 2010, Tallgrass’ annual sales revenues have ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, WI: New Titletown Brewing production facility opening in Green Bay
Construction is under way for Titletown’s new $3.5 million production facility and tap room in Green Bay. A late summer opening is planned, Appleton Post Crescent reported on March 28.

A banquet room is part of the long-range plan for the combined microbrewery and restaurant.

Titletown provides draft beer to bars and restaurants, but has not had space for a bottling operation. The new facility will allow it to do so and distribute its products to a wider audience.

“A natural growth of the craft beer industry is when you get your product into more locations,” said Brent Weycker, Titletown president. “I grew up over here, too. This is exciting for me. This is a way to get people to come downtown and stay.”

Titletown Brewing opened in 1996. Production will move west across a road, and the restaurant will undergo some remodeling as well.

“We are kind of creating a campus,” Weycker said.

He said the expansion will add about 10 jobs and increase production from 1,800 barrels annually to 5,000 barrels.

DDL Holdings, a partnership that includes Titletown and developer Smet Construction Services, will receive up to $880,000 in tax credits — the first in the state to be awarded under a new Historic Preservation ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MT: Great Northern Brewing Company expanding in Whitefish
The beer business is booming in Montana, and for Great Northern Brewing Co. the growing demand for microbrews has prompted the Whitefish brewery’s first expansion project in 19 years, Daily Inter Lake reported on April 1.

Crews are bringing in three new fermentation tanks that will increase Great Northern’s beer production capacity by 50 percent. The existing tanks were removed to be shipped to a North Carolina brewery.

“Three 40-barrel tanks are being replaced with three 100-barrel tanks,” Great Northern General Manager Marcus Duffey said. “We’re very excited for the expansion. The installation will be about like fitting a square peg in a round hole. The tanks will have less than one foot of ceiling clearance.”

Great Northern received the financing through Montana West Economic Development’s loan program to meet the brewery’s growing demand and distribution needs.

“We’re now distributing throughout every market in the state of Montana, and we simply can’t produce enough beer with our current fermentation capacity,” Duffey said.

Business has been so good that at the peak of last summer’s tourist season the brewery’s Draught House was down to just three beers on tap. It put the brewery in a bind to keep orders filled.

“That left our distributors dry and ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MI & AZ: Founder Brewing Company is expanding distribution
Founder Brewing, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been churning out beers since its founding in 1997 -- but, until recently, only to the eastern half of the United States. A $26 million, 165,000-barrel expansion of its Grand Rapids taproom and production facility, however, has allowed the company to expand distribution quite a bit, Phoenix New Times reported on March 31.

When complete, the new space should bring Founders' total annual beer output to about 340,000 barrels per year, which would put it in the top 10 breweries by sales volume -- the brewery was number 30 on the Brewers Association's list of top breweries last year. The brewery announced its entrance into five new states, including Arizona, in March, and just started shipping its beer to England.

The rapid growth is exciting, especially considering the challenges Founders' founders, Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers, faced in the short period after opening the brewery's doors. Their initial offerings, according to them, were "well-balanced but unremarkable," and the brewery was on the verge of bankruptcy.

That's when the Founders team decided to change course, focusing on brewing the beers that got them excited about brewing in the first place: complex, crazy kinds of ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, WI: Stillmank Brewing Company plans to open new facility this fall
Stillmank Brewing Company has purchased a building in Green Bay. This will be Green Bay’s first east side brewery in more than 40 years, and initially will be able to increase Stillmank’s Brewing capacity by more than 600 percent, Brewbound reported on March 31.

This is one of a growing number of “brewer owned” production facilities in the state, looking to begin production at this new facility in early fall of 2014. This building was formally owned by Builders Supply, and used for warehousing lumber, windows, and doors. The 14,000 square foot building will be remodeled to include a tasting room, parking lot, brewery production, and warehousing.

“Stillmank Beer Company has been a local Green Bay business with all aspects of the business run out of our home for the last 2 years, apart from beer production,” said brewery owner Brad Stillmank. “I have been lucky to have good friends at the 2nd Street brewery in Milwaukee, allow me to produce all my beer at their brewery. It is time to bring the last piece of our company home.”

Stillmank Beer has experienced solid sales growth in its first two years, having nearly doubled its sales from the first to ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, CO: Renegade Brewing to open a production brewery
Renegade Brewing, which helped invigorate the Santa Fe arts district three years ago, will sink its roots even deeper this summer when it opens a large production facility -- and eventually a second tap room -- just eight blocks south of its current location, Westword reported on March 31.

The brewery has just signed a lease on a 15,000-square-foot space in what will become the Yard at Santa Fe, a new "craft-centered" development. There, Renegade owners Brian and Khara O'Connell will install a thirty-barrel brewhouse and several large fermentation tanks, along with their own canning line from Wild Goose Engineering in Boulder.

"We are just out of space," Brian O'Connell says, "and we can't keep up with demand, so we started looking for more space last summer. And since this neighborhood has become part of the identity of this company, we wanted to stay close."

Renegade grew by 130 percent in each of its first two years and expanded by 50 percent again in its third. Several other young breweries have also announced expansions recently, including Denver Beer Co and TRVE Brewing.

O'Connell says the brewery will begin by using half of the space, and that it should be operational by July, with enough ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, NY: Steuben Brewing Company to become fourth Keuka brewery
The growth of craft brewing in the area continues, as construction is well underway at Steuben Brewing Company on the west side of Keuka Lake, Penn Yan Chronicle-Express reported on April 1.

The brewery is being built by the Zimar family on their 12-acre property overlooking the Keuka bluff, and is targeting a spring opening.

It’s located on a hillside off County Route 76 — in the heart of the Keuka wine trail — and will be operated by longtime Pulteney residents Jim and Candy Zimar and their sons, Chad and Rick.

Chad Zimar, the brewmaster, says he’s been homebrewing for several years, honing five or six ales and lagers that will be the staples at Steuben Brewing. He also plans to regularly experiment with new creations.

The new brewery will have a seven-barrel system capable of turning out 200-gallon batches, along with a smaller pilot system that produces 30-gallon batches for seasonals and “experimentals.” There will also be a separate cask-conditioning system to add extra ingredients and flavors at the end of the brewing process, Zimar said.

The front of the brewery will have a tasting room and an outdoor patio overlooking Keuka Lake where customers can sample the brews by the flight, half-pint ...More info on site

Brewery news USA, MO: Torn Label Brewing Company opening in Kansas City
Torn Label Brewing Co. is taking a 7,000-square-foot space in the Studios Inc. in Kansas City for a brewery and taproom expected to open later this year, Kansas City Star reported on March 31.

The brewery partners describe American craft beer as a melting pot of styles with a range from “aggressively hoppy pale ales to barrel-aged sour beers fermented with wild yeast. American craft comprises a wealth of flavor palates and creative possibilities.”

Torn Label, which will have a 15-barrel system, plans to start with about a half-dozen beers, including a honey beer, an alpha pale ale and a coffee-infused stout. It will offer its flagship brews year-round and also have seasonal beers.

“A town the size of Kansas City should have a handful of breweries. We surged ahead with Boulevard and then we fell behind,” said Chad Troutwine, co-founder of Torn Label. “We want people to take a moment and think about their beer choices. As long as we make interesting and flavorful brews, we are confident people will buy them.”

Torn Label has four partners:

• Troutwine, who has several degrees including an MBA from Yale University and a law degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He also has developed several properties ...More info on site

Brewery newsBelgium & South Korea: AB InBev completes acquisition of Oriental Brewery
Anheuser-Busch InBev, KKR and Affinity Equity Partners on March 31 announced that AB InBev has successfully completed the acquisition of Oriental Brewery (OB), the ...More info on site

Brewery newsBrazil: Beer production increases in March and in Q1 this year
According to preliminary data by Sicobe, Brazil’s beer output amounted to 1.193 bln litres in March 2014, an increase of 23.4% versus the same ...More info on site

Brewery newsSouth Korea: Lotte Group’s entry in the beer market to challenge Oriental Brewery and HiteJinro’s positions
Lotte Group’s move to enter the beer market will challenge Oriental Brewery (OB) and HiteJinro and bring stiffer competition, The Korea Times reported on ...More info on site

Brewery newsRomania: Beer market volume declines by 10% in 2013
Romania’s beer market volume declined by 10% compared to 2012, reaching 16.3 million hectolitres last year, Romanian Brewers Association reported on March 25.

Per capita ...More info on site

Barley newsUK: Barley availability revised 20 thousand tonnes higher
HGCA’s supply and demand forecast released on March 26 showed that barley availability in the United Kingdom, at 8.174 mln tonnes, is revised 20 ...More info on site

Barley newsFrance: Malting barley markets remain inactive, feed barley seeing higher demand recently
France’s malting barley markets remain deserted but there was noted a small increase in activity in the middle of the last week, La Depeche ...More info on site

Brewery news Germany: Carlsberg to appeal German Cartel Office’s fine
Carlsberg A/S’s German unit was among six brewers and seven people fined 231.2 million euros ($319 million) for participating in a price-fixing ring that affected half of the country’s beer drinkers, Bloomberg reported on April 2.

Dr. August Oetker KG’s Radeberger unit and Carlsberg were fined the largest amount, according to the German Cartel Office, which didn’t release the full penalties.

It’s the second round of fines levied this year by Germany’s antitrust regulator in its investigation of the brewery industry. It penalized five beermakers and seven people 106.5 million euros in January.

Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, the world’s largest brewer, escaped a fine for being first to report the cartel, which triggered the investigation, the German regulator said. Revenue in the industry is more than 7 billion euros per year.

“The companies concerned represent more than half of the beer sold in Germany,” Andreas Mundt, president of the German cartel office, said in the statement. “Given the turnover, the high fines are appropriate and necessary to get an effective punishment.”

The other companies fined on April 2 also include Privat-Brauerei Bolten GmbH & Co. KG, Erzquell Brauerei Bielstein Haas & Co. KG, Coelner Hofbraeu P. Josef Frueh KG and Privat-Brauerei Gaffel Becker & Co. OHG. ...More info on site

Barley newsFrance: Spring barley planting virtually completed
France’s farmers have practically completed the planting of spring barley. According to FranceAgriMer data as of 24 March, 96% of areas planned for spring ...More info on site

Barley newsUkraine: Barley plantings progressing at the same pace as last year
According to official information, winter wheat for 2014 harvest was planted on 6.3 million hectares and winter barley on 1.2 million hectares compared to ...More info on site

Brewery news South Africa: SABMiller looking to expand with new beer styles
SABMiller, the world’s second-largest brewer, is looking to expand in South Africa with new beer styles, including flavoured beers such as Flying Fish, and beef up its non-alcoholic drinks portfolio to address new drinking occasions, Business Report said on April 1.

As local subsidiary SA Breweries (SAB) expands its beer offering and “romances” its core lager to maintain its market leadership, SABMiller Beverages South Africa chairman Norman Adami predicted a “substantial upside growth” in the soft drinks market, particularly the still beverages, and the group has already devised a strategy to capitalise on this.

SAB’s still drinks portfolio includes energy drinks PowerPlay and Powerade, Valpre and Bonaqua bottled water, Nestea and Fuze iced teas, as well as Appletiser. SABMiller is a Coca-Cola bottler in 32 markets.

Sales volumes of the still beverages portfolio achieved a compound annual growth rate of 7 percent in the four years to March last year.

The soft drinks portfolio, including all Coca-Cola brands and still beverages, had a compound annual growth rate of 2.5 percent over this period.

Beer sales, which are SAB’s core business, grew 2 percent.

SABMiller is going into a closed period so it could not disclose the performance for the 12 months to March.

In addition to working ...More info on site

Brewery news Brazil: Government raises beer tax by around 1 cent an item
Brazil raised a tax on beer and some other drinks, betting that consumption during the soccer World Cup in June and July will help shore up its finances, The Wall Street Journal reported on April 1.

The government said the increase, effective immediately, applies to beer, some juices, and energy and sports drinks. Dyogo Oliveira, a senior finance ministry official, said the tax increase had been postponed from October and would raise an estimated 200 million Brazilian reais ($85 million) this year to help bolster the government's finances. The tax is equal to around 1 cent an item, the government said.

The Brazilian government has been criticized for allowing spending to rise in recent years. An subsequent increase in public debt was one of the reasons behind Standard & Poor's decision last week to cut the sovereign credit rating of Latin America's largest economy by one notch to the lowest investment-grade level.

Customers expressed dismay about the tax, saying it would add to the pressing concerns about inflation in this nation of 200 million people.

"I think this increase is a disgrace, because even if it's only a small amount, I'm going to have to spend a bit more of my cash," said Luis ...More info on site

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