E-Malt. E-Malt.com News article: USA, CA: Temecula Brewing Co. ready to open its taps

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E-Malt.com News article: USA, CA: Temecula Brewing Co. ready to open its taps
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While businesses began moving into Vail Headquarters – the restored living historic park and retail center on Temecula Parkway in Temecula – several years ago, there came word that Temecula Brewing Co. was moving in, and area craft beer fans rejoiced, the Valley News reported on October 15.

The craft brew company created a social media account and the audience grew in anticipation. They attended some beer events and provided tastings and, again, anticipation grew.

After two years of trials and tribulations, the craft brewery plans to open its doors with a soft opening.

“Finding the location, getting cool with the (Temecula Valley) Historical Society, getting approvals to even be here, to produce beer on this side of town,” Head brewer Joshua Lee Chambers said. “All that was just kind of like a long road, not to mention COVID-19 and every other thing that could possibly get in our way did.

“We have a lot of people (that have been) just waiting until we can get this done,” he said.

Located on the backside of the Vail Headquarters complex, there will be very little seating on the inside of the building, which houses tanks and a bar and tap area.

There is plenty of area outside for guests to taste beer, sit and relax, including a standing bar top that surrounds a large tree that spans out to cover most of the outdoor area.

“That was always what we wanted,” Chambers said. “This was meant to be kind of like a public, local, family-oriented situation where you can come have a couple beers, enjoy all the different, cool stuff here in Vail Headquarters. (To) have something local, just because there’s just not a lot on this side of town.”

According to Chambers, who has been in the craft beer industry for more than a decade – working with Hangar 24, Left Coast Brewing, Black Market and others – they are going to do things a little differently at Temecula Brewing Co.

“From the start of it, when I was approached to head any of it, I told them that my plan was that I wanted to go for something unconventional in the way of just having a constantly rotating menu,” Chambers said. “Having to deal with sourcing ingredients on core beers tends to be one of the major downfalls that I’ve seen personally in different brands. So, the idea being to make it something more fun, more interesting and draw people in more often is to curate a constantly rotating menu. Sourcing local ingredients, try to kind of get stuff along the lines of what’s being done locally, but with our own kind of spin on it, making it more interesting than say, just coming in for the specific beer that you come in for every time.

“I’d rather draw you in to try a number of different things. I’d rather draw you in to have something that’s guaranteed quality and something interesting every time you come in,” he said.

Chambers said at the heart of the craft beer movement was the constantly changing landscape of the art form. Every time a home brewer made a new batch, there was something different about it, whether it was because of ingredients or technique.

“Think of the baddest home brewer you know, but on a commercial grade level,” Chambers said. “We’re doing constantly interesting, constantly new, innovative. We’re embracing a lot of new styles, embracing a lot of new techniques and methods to produce or integrate into our beers.”

Chambers said Temecula Brewing Co. will have guest taps from other local brewers in the area as well. Eventually, they will sell crowlers, but for now, guests should bring their own containers.

They will offer food on-site provided by nearby Chef’s Flavor and a pallet stage with live music.

16 October, 2020

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