E-Malt. E-Malt.com News article: USA: John I. Haas announces investment in Yakima Valley Hops

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E-Malt.com News article: USA: John I. Haas announces investment in Yakima Valley Hops
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Yakima-based hops supplier John I. Haas announced its investment in Yakima Valley Hops on September 5 a move that will help both businesses expand and innovate, YakTriNews.com reported.

The investment will extend John I. Haas's reach nationally in the small craft brewing and home brewing markets.

Jeff Perkins, the co-owner of the online hop distribution company Yakima Valley Hops said, "This partnership allows us to get the highest quality hops into the marketplace not only for home brewers and craft brewers alike locally but also nationally."

Yakima Valley Hops makes it easy for brewers to access a variety of hops, including the most in-demand and newest experimental hops from around the world.

Perkins said the company has seen substantial growth in the past few years. It serves over 40,000 home brewers and thousands of craft brewers through their online business. He said the partnership will allow them to better serve the small craft brewing and home brewing markets they already work with.

Alex Barth, the CEO of John I. Haas said, "It's an area where we were not involved in before, and we're really excited to become a part of that."

Perkins said the investment has allowed them to start repackaging their hops in cans with resealable lids to make their products more environmentally friendly.

He said the partnership will also allow access to some of Haas' newly released products like Incognito, an extract for craft brewers, and popular hops local breweries like Single Hill and Wandering Hop use. Home Brew-1 is another new hop they'll release soon as a result of the partnership

"John I. Haas has invested a ton of resources in innovation products," Barth said. "We're all about flavor, and we're so excited to see that these products will also make it to the very smallest customers," said Barth.

Barth said they're excited Yakima Valley Hops will alow them an entry into the online market and access to serve tens of thousands of home and small craft brewers throughout the U.S.

08 September, 2019

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