E-Malt. E-Malt.com News article: USA, IA: Worth Brewing Co. to move to a bigger location by next month

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E-Malt.com News article: USA, IA: Worth Brewing Co. to move to a bigger location by next month
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Worth Brewing Co. in Northwood, IA, might be one of the smallest nanobreweries in the Midwest, but it might not hold that title much longer. The company is renovating an old building into its new facility that is right across the street from its current location, Albert Lea Tribune reported on December 31.

The extra space will allow for many changes for the brewery.

Retail Manager Tyler Trenhaile said the company will move from a half-barrel system, which he called inefficient, to a seven-barrel system.

“It’s a lot more work to get a lot less product,” Trenhaile said of the half-barrel system.

The system will allow the business to expand its distribution market, as well.

“We’ll also be able to start distributing beer, first through kegs and eventually through bottles,” he said, estimating it may take six months to a year to get to that stage.

Expanding doesn’t only apply to the production line. Many changes will be seen at the new facility.

Currently, Worth Brewing Co. has five beers served year-round. These beers are referred to as the company’s flagship beers. The company also has two rotating taps for specialty beers and a guest tap.

Trenhaile said the menu may slightly change with the move.

It may have one less flagship beer, possibly three specialty beers at one time and have an Iowa tap, which will host a beer from a different brewery within the state. Trenhaile also hinted at the idea of producing a cider and an exploration series that would feature unique beers from different parts of the world.

The current Worth Brewing facility is at 826 Central Ave. in Northwood. The company’s move across the street could come as soon as the beginning of February.

06 January, 2016

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