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E-Malt.com News article: UK: A quarter of beer pints are served less than 95% full
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A new survey by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has revealed that one in four pints in the UK are served less than 95% full and this is costing beer drinkers a staggering £481 million every year, CAMRA announced April 16. CAMRA has launched a nationwide petition calling for the Government to end short measures as they promised a decade ago.

For the first time in its 35 year history, CAMRA has taken out advertisements in national media in order to let consumers know how to make a stand against this unfair practice.

The CAMRA survey of local authorities' trading standards departments has revealed:

- A shocking 26.6% of all pints served are over 5% short measure
- The worst example found was 13% short of a full pint
- 76% of pubs goers want the Government to stick to its promise to ensure drinkers get a full pint
- Beer drinkers lose £1.3 million every day by paying for a full pint but receiving less than 100% liquid in the glass.

Labour had made an election promise to legislate against short measures in 1997. This promise has not been fulfilled and has cost the consumer £4.5 billion over the last decade.

CAMRA Chief Executive Mike Benner said: “It is a disgrace that up to a quarter of all pints served in the UK are less than 95% liquid when the consumer is paying for a full pint every time. Labour had promised to introduce legislation to end this unfair practice ten years ago and the continuing cost to beer drinkers from the Government's inaction has now run into billions of pounds.”

CAMRA has set up a petition for consumers calling for the government to introduce legislation that a pint will not be less than 100% liquid. As well as being online at www.takeittothetop.co.uk , copies of the petition will be at CAMRA beer festivals across the UK. Petition postcards will be sent out to CAMRA's 85,000 strong membership nationwide to sign.

Mike Benner added: “This is not just a problem that affects real ale drinkers. Lager drinkers and cider drinkers are being short changed too.

“It is time the Government met its promise and made sure pub goers get the full pint that they pay for every time. I would urge all beer drinkers that are fed up with being ripped off at the bar to sign CAMRA's ‘Take it to the top' petition and help us make a difference.”

A short measure is defined by CAMRA as a pint of beer that is anything less than 100% liquid.

The Full Pints survey was carried out from a sample group of 25 local authorities between December 2004 - January 2007.

The CAMRA Omnibus survey (December 2006) revealed that 76% of all pub goers in the UK agreed with the statement: “How much do you agree or disagree that The Government should stick to their 1997 pledge to make it a legal requirement for pubs to serve a full pint of liquid every time.”

18 April, 2007

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