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일반적으로몰트색은두가지단위를사용합니다즉, 미국에서는 SRM, 유럽에서는 EBC.

SRM(Standard Research Method)단위는옛단위인 degree Lovibond를기초로사용합니다. 그리고 SRM 은실질적인경험과 degree Lovibond는이상적인것을사용했습니다.

미국양조자는Lovibond를몰트색에서사용하고반면에 SRM은피니쉬맥주의색을사용합니다.

Wort color in EBC: Wort color in SRM:
Wort color in SRM: Wort color in EBC:

Hop Calculator

Calculation of hop rate required to obtain a specific bitterness (BU's)
Required value for calculations Note and recommendations
 Alpha Acid of Hop [%]   1 KG -> mg of bitterness
Required BU's [mg/ltr]     
 Alpha utilisation [%]   Depends of brewing equipment and production conditions
 Quantity of beer to brew [barel]  . . . X 164 = [Liters]
 Required Hops [kg]   
This is a rough guide for calculating the quantity of hops for bittering purposes.
BU - Bitterness units according to beer styles from 7 - 65 [mg/ltr].
Above 65 BU it is difficult to perceive the extra bitterness.

Temperature Calculator

Fahrenheit : Celsiuso:
Celsiuso: Fahrenheit:

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