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E-Malt.com News article: UK: Campaign for Real Ale launches The Big Book of Beer
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CAMRA Books, the publishing division of the Campaign for Real Ale, announce on November 1 that it launched The Big Book of Beer, a book temptingly subtitled, ‘Everything you Need to Know About the World’s Greatest Drink!’

Beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones, tells the complete story of beer in a refreshing and accessible manner. It takes you on a journey from humble beginnings in a sun-drenched field of barley, through the brewing process, to reaching the glass in various forms and styles - satisfyingly aromatic and lightly sparkling.

“I hope the book goes some way towards changing people‘s perceptions about real beer,” said author Adrian Tierney-Jones. “People are often pleasantly shocked when they give it a go, and there’s no better place to see drinker’s reactions than at a beer tasting.”

At a recent corporate tasting hosted by Adrian Tierney-Jones, two-thirds of the females at the tasting liked English Bitter, from a selection of six contrasting beer styles, which flies in the face of orthodox brewing wisdom that the female palate enjoys a sweeter beer. Interestingly none of the drinkers would have considered drinking Bitter before tasting it.

“This is obviously a small sample from one corporate event, but it does demonstrate that an English Bitter is one of the great drinks of the beer world, full of flavour and complexity, thirst-quenching and moreish. It’s a shame that people seem to have a problem with the word Bitter when applied to beer, thinking it old-fashioned and redolent of flat caps and whippets!”

Tierney-Jones continues, “Bitter to many drinkers is a negative word. Yet the same people are happy to drink a double espresso or add Angostura bitters to their slinky cocktails; hardly easy and smooth flavours. If you look beyond the name, you’ll discover a world of flavour.”

In the same tasting 43% of those taking part said they prefer to be offered a glass which is specific for the beer they are drinking.

Author Tierney Jones said: “Again this idea is nothing new, and something that the industry has talked about for some time, it’s all about changing people’s perceptions, as beer is usually served in a standard pint glass. That’s why I decided to include a section on ‘Beer Curiosities’ in the The Big Book of Beer. In order to attract different types of drinkers to this wonderful drink, we have to accept that for some people the presentation of the beer is almost as important as the taste.”

The Big Book of Beer covers a range of topics and is a great gift title, for both beer novices and aficionados alike.

The book:

Beer Beginnings - What makes beer, beer as a natural and organic product and how it is brewed.

Beer File - How to identify beer styles, tastes and beers of the world.

Beer Brewing – Craft brewers, family brewers, brewpubs, women and beer.

Drinking Beer – Beer in the pub, at home, Fancy a beer? Which beer to choose?

Beer and Food – Beer as an ingredient, matched with food, is beer the new wine?

Beer Curiosities – Glassware, beer mats, labels, festivals and advertising.

The Big Book of Beer celebrates every aspect of beer and urges the reader with their new-found knowledge to give it a try.

04 November, 2005

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