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E-Malt.com News article: 3224

Australia: Coopers Brewery Ltd. announced on September 9 that the long-awaited release of the 2004 Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale would take place next week. The 2004 vintage, which Coopers’ beer makers have described as the best yet, has been brewed and bottled and is completing maturation before being released through exclusive bars and hotels around Australia.

Coopers Marketing Director and Chairman, Mr Glenn Cooper, said the 2004 Vintage Ale had been given new packaging with a picture of the Brewery’s founder, Thomas Cooper, on the front label and neck foil on all bottles. The 2004 Vintage is a continuation of the Vintage series, which is improving with time. Coopers Managing Director and Chief Brewer, Dr Tim Cooper, said this year’s Vintage Ale had excellent drinking qualities.

“It is the product of brewing with a selection of barley and wheat malt and specially coloured malts which provide a strong malt character,” he said. “This is balanced by a triple hopping with Hersbrucker, Cascade and Pride of Ringwood hops. “The ale was pitched with a double pitching of two yeast strains and underwent an extended primary fermentation. It was then pitched again with specially nurtured yeast, which has been vitalized to enable longevity of bottle conditioning. “The result is a Vintage Ale with a smooth taste profile and robust character which derives from our complementary malt and hop choices and shows the benefit of what we have learned over the past four Vintages.”

Dr Cooper said it took particular skill to coax yeast to make very strong beers and to produce products that were not excessively rich and cloying. This year’s Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale has a hefty 7.5% alcohol by volume. Dr Cooper said the beer would age well and could be enjoyed after prolonged storage. “Stored under cool cellar conditions, Coopers Vintage will become more complex and interesting in flavour for up to two years or more, rewarding the patient drinker with a truly distinctive beer,” he said. “Even after one year, it may develop in aroma, roundness and balance, finally developing a
creamy-fruity aroma with a honeyed palate.” Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale was first released in 1998, with the beer sold out within five days.

10 September, 2004

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