E-Malt. E-Malt.com News article: USA, MI: Harsens Island Brewery to open in Marysville

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E-Malt.com News article: USA, MI: Harsens Island Brewery to open in Marysville
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The building that once housed Twinkies in Marysville will soon be home to a taproom and brewery, Times Herald reported on September, 22.

Father and son Spencer and Brian Phinney purchased the old Wonder Hostess Bakery Outlet building with plans to turn it into what they're calling the Harsens Island Brewery.

"We are focusing on making more traditional beers than the typical craft beers you see," said Brian Phinney, who will be head brewer.

The Phinneys plan to produce and distribute their own beer. They also plan to sell it in cans, a rarity among craft brewers.

"Cans have a longer shelf life, and you can taste the difference from a bottle to a can," said Spencer Phinney, who will be marketing and sales director. "Cans also protect beer from the sun."

But the father and son duo first have to tackle building renovations, starting with hiring a designer and building contractor.

"We also have to worry about licensing, which can take up to six months," Spencer Phinney said. "In late October we are planning to have our equipment delivered. We don't have a set opening date yet, but we are excited to open up as soon as possible."

Spencer Phinney said they would like to build a window that looks from the taproom into the brew house so visitors are able to see how their beer is being produced.

The brewery will have a Harsens Island theme, while still maintaining some of the industrial feel of the building.

"We have a home on Harsens Island and plan to open an additional taproom on the island eventually," Spencer Phinney said. "However, having the production center on the mainland makes much more sense economically."

Brian Phinney said the second taproom on Harsens Island could open up as soon as next summer.

"We will have a 20-barrel system here to produce the beer," Brian Phinney said. "But with a second taproom on the island, we can capture both sides of the county. Our family history goes back hundreds of years on the island. We would like to be able to offer summer beers to boaters."

So far the duo has recipes for six different beers, including Tashmoo Steamer, a California common style, and Heavens to Betsy, named for Spencer Phinney's wife.

"Brian has been home-brewing for five years now, and he had the vision for the taproom," Spencer Phinney said. "He has a passion for experimenting with recipes, while I have worked in the beer, wine and alcohol industry for 34 years. I was a regional manager for a wine company."

24 September, 2014

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