E-Malt. E-Malt.com News article: Haiti: Heineken plans to invest $100 mln in its Haiti brewery in 2014

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E-Malt.com News article: Haiti: Heineken plans to invest $100 mln in its Haiti brewery in 2014
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Stefan Orlowski, the President of Heineken Americas visited Haiti on October 21 where he met with Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe as part of a review of an expected corporate investment of 100 million dollars the company hopes to make in its Haiti subsidiary over the next year, reports Sentinel.ht.

Briefing the press after the meeting, the head of the Haitian government recalled Heineken's majority purchase of the Haitian company, Brasserie National d'Haiti:

"...as you know, Heineken bought the Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti and will invest in the upcoming year more than $100 million. Its president came so that we can meet and do a review of their investments."

"You know that the Government's aim is to push private investment in Haiti, the international private investment as well as domestic investment... a new production line will be installed at the Brasserie Nationale to produce more Prestige over Malta."

"He also announced that he will start working with farmers to buy the raw material locally, this is a great victory for us. Again, this demonstrates that there is job creation, and that the country is moving if a large company like Heineken invests in the country."

"I thank the President for having sat down with me today to explain what types of investments they will be done and how, and I thank all the partners who are involved in these investments," said Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister.

In turn Stefan Orlowski said he was pleased to be an investor in Haiti and that Haiti was open for business.

23 October, 2013

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