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E-Malt.com News article: Madagascar: EUR15 million brewery to be set up in Ambatolampy
Brewery news

NBM (Nouvelle Brasserie de Madagascar) will establish a brewery in Mahazina, fokontany of Ankidondona in Ambatolampy village, investing over EUR15 million during 3 years.

Three investors of which two are respectively from Belgium and France, decided to associate and in consequence established NBM. The authorization allowing for buying a 6 ha field for the plant building was issued in the name of the Ministry of Agriculture of Madagascar following the last national Ministers Counsel.

The new plant’s annual brewing capacity is presumed to reach 170,000 hl. It will brew exclusively beer and possibly some other related products. The strategy is to address the beer production to the local market.

The new brewery will provide 250 new work-places. It is assumed that the malt will be supplied from abroad or the local malting capacities are insufficient.

The 2005/2006 Barth Report estimated that in 2005 beer consumption in Madagascar was 682,000 hl (-2.6% year-on-year). In 2004, beer consumption per capita was 4.04 l.

21 July, 2006

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